Thursday, May 31, 2012

Knockoff Ninja #4 - Christian Louboutin "Asteroid"

Christian Louboutin "Asteroid" in Black available at Bergdorf Goodman ($1,595), Neiman Marcus ($1,595)

Alba "Stella" in Black/Silver available at Make Me Chic ($43.20), UrbanOG ($48.20)

Qupid Neutral-284 in Black available at UrbanOG ($35.50)

Make Me Chic and UrbanOG recently added a crapton of these Loubie lookalikes in a handful of colors, some with red soles and all. Oooooohhh... they look pretty sweet!

Whattaya think?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Shoes-day Tuesday #22 - Heelless Wedges

1. Jeffrey Campbell "Lindy Hop" in navy and white $180.00
2. Giuseppe Zanotti Printed Metallic Suede Wedge Pumps $795.00
3. Jeffrey Campbell "Vicious-Ex" in red black zebra $219.95
4. Jeffrey Campbell "Nightee" in black patent gold $234.95
5. Privileged "Keaton" in purple $65.00
6. Jeffrey Campbell "Night Lita" in distressed black $139.95

I'm sure you're thinking I'm taking sides with Jeffrey Campbell a bit much, but in actuality, a TON of my favorite heelless shoes aren't available for purchase (Noritaka Tatehana, Natacha Marro, Nina Ricci, McQueen, etc.). I don't think it's fair to dangle those sorta one-offs in front of everyone when they're impossible to acquire unless you're Lady Gaga or something :D

Until next week!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Music Monday #28 - Beck

Hope you're all having a great Memorial Day!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bre's Week In Instagrams 5-25-12

Somehow I didn't manage to find any interesting links this week! :c I did, however, use Instagram a great deal, so we'll just stick to that today!

Awww, snap! Washington's rollin' out the grocery store liquor!
Jade and I were lazy and awesome.
Hung out with my estranged cat Yeti when I picked up my brother for bartiems on Thursday :3
This freaked me out! A band that enjoyed a great deal of success in the late '90s is coming to a bar in my hometown D:
Pool at the Mirkwood Thursday night with some dude, my brother's high school buddy Lynell and my brother Brandon himself.
Jade and I enjoyed some time at the park this morning :D
That's it for this week! Hope you guys have a great Memorial Day weekend! (Pssst, 20% off in my shop this weekend with code MEM20! Enjoy!)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Knockoff Ninja #3 - Jeffrey Campbell "Night Walk"

It's no secret that I've been coveting a pair of Night Walks since they appeared on Solestruck last year. I've had a nasty obsession with heelless shoes since I saw Viktoria Modesta in Bizarre Magazine (how AWESOME is it that she's a badass model AND an amputee?!?) wearing a pair by Natacha Marro in 2009. My only obstacle in obtaining them has been the hefty price tag. Here they are, in all their glory:

Jeffrey Campbell "Night Walk" in Black Pebble available at Solestruck ($169.95)

Chockers "Faith" in black PU available at Chockers39.99, being roughly $63.68)

Knockoffs started appearing with that crazy "sculpted wedge", which is not actually "heelless" at all and I'm pretty apprehensive about it. But these! These are just amazing!

They have these in a slew of colors on the site, as well. I see a few pairs of these in my near future (since shipping from the UK will be a doozy, might as well order 2!). There is pretty much no difference whatsoever, in the shape, at least. I totally dig the leopard print as well. I gasp, I swoooooon.

What do you think?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rest In Peace, Vance...

R.I.P. Vance, it was way too soon.
It's tricky for me when someone I knew from high school passes, because I feel guilty for not being there long enough and never fully getting to know them (and a lot of others...). I sat next to Vance Templin in math for a huge chunk of my freshman year. He was such a hilarious, goofy dude. I remember he always tried to get me to listen to all his favorite punk bands, which was difficult back then, seeing as how it was 1999, right before the mp3/Napster phenomenon. Everyone still had to actually go out and buy albums (and my family didn't have a lot back then). I left high school fairly abruptly the next year and only saw him again once when he came to my house to visit with our friend Joe about a year later.

I tend to curse Facebook for the downfall of a lot of things, but its amazing ability to reconnect people is something I can't deny. Vance had moved to Oklahoma and started a family, but he managed to find me last summer and we remembered hilarious old times in school in a huge string of comments that night. I loved seeing all the pictures of his family and imagining how much of a fun dad he must be.

He was in a motorcycle accident last Sunday, leaving him with a broken neck. He passed on Tuesday. Such a huge loss for so many people, his Facebook profile is absolutely inundated with as much love as there is grief. You'll be deeply missed, dude </3

A candlelight vigil is being held for Vance and two others we lost this month, Blaine Kranz and Chris Taylor at Twin Rivers Park in Arlington on Tuesday, May 29th at 8pm. The Facebook event with a map and info can be found here. All are welcome.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shoes-day Tuesday #21 - Fancy Flats

I need to give the heels and wedges a rest for a week, I feel. I've been coming across some pretty neat flats lately, so lets talk about those for a moment!

1. Blowfish Shoes "Stila" in Black Patent Faux Leather $45.00
2. Bamboo "Crush-86" in Black $20.70
3. Blowfish Shoes "Natassa" in Turquoise $45.00
4. Bamboo "Feeling-01" in Blue $22.20
5. B.A.I.T. Footwear "Ida" in Seafoam $63.00
6. Soda "Etolie-S" in Red Multi $22.90

I love me some flats! I spend most of my time in a pair of leopard print flats I scored for like $5 from Wet Seal about 2 years ago. Surprising for someone who posts practically nonstop about the highest of heels, right? I'm only six feet tall in my dreams, haha!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Music Monday #27 - Beck

Busted out the childhood jamz this week in the form of wacky ol' Beck. I adore this album, he is so effing weird <3

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 5-18-12

This made my morning SO HARD.


 An accurate depiction of my crochet life. This site has the cutest little comics :D

 The optimist creed :D I can definitely use this.

 Concept shoes by Chau Har Lee.

 Kate Gabrielle took up painting again. I feel like I should, as well. I really loved it in my childhood. This also perfectly describes how I felt when I went skating again for the first time in forever. I really need to go do that again soon.

 A look at all of Lady Gaga's highest heels ever.

 A Beautiful Mess rounded up some fancy photo apps for Android.

 This loft bed!

 Sugarpill's new Heart Breaker palette is now available!!! Loving that green and that aqua!

 Kickstarter: National Debt edition. Megan Amram is my favorite person ever.

 This kid. Forever <3

Haha, that sounds crass. This week it was a whole lot of Jade:

Took Jade to the river in Arlington/Silvana last Friday. He had a blast.
We cooled off with some frozen Gogurt <3
He explored Gramma's yard.
He thought this was hilarious. D'awwww, his claps are so darling.

That's about it for this week! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Knockoff Ninja #2 - Jeffrey Campbell "Rockstar"

As you guys may have noticed, the heelless thing is getting pretty huge in the more affordable price points in the last few weeks. So this means I'll be hunting them down. A lot. And I'll be rambling about a metric sh*t-ton of them right here :D

This week, we have the Jeffrey Campbell "Rockstar" heelless wedge, which is this bad boy:

Jeffrey Campbell "Rockstar" available at Envishoes ($179), Nasty Gal ($195)

The brand Bumper has put out a knockoff that is preeeeetty similar, except for the uncovered platform and that super-crescent shaped wedge I'm always on about:

Bumper "Qoors04" Silver Heelless Wedge available at Make Me Chic ($40.40), UrbanOG ($39.20) and Go Jane ($47.40)

What do you think? I honestly didn't even notice the lack of covered wedge until I looked at them side by side here, so I don't think that's enough to deter me. The orange and purple counterparts are a definite no (I personally HATE the colorblocking trend that's so huge right now!!! UGH!), but these aren't so bad in my book. That "sculpted wedge", though! It still bothers me. It looks like instead of being heelless, they had a bite taken out of the back. And they look too... alien or sci-fi or something. Still, not awful, just a tiny bit bothersome. But not bothersome enough for the $100+ off :D

EDIT: Know what? I ran across some even BETTER knockoffs thanks to a shoe community I love dearly on Facebook (thanks Molli!). These babies are GORGEOUS:

Privileged "Solemate" in black available at YCMC ($29.97), Go Jane ($65), and Karmaloop ($70)

I think I prefer these even over the Rockstars, they look more wearable in a monochrome, even as crazy as they are. I'm salivating, I really need these now. The turquoise is obviously great, too!

See "Rockstar" part two here, and check out my review of the Solemate shoe here!

Until next week!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shoes-day Tuesday #20

I haven't been near a computer with Photoshop this past week, so I'll just do a feature on these ones I've been lusting after, even if they're super cheap, they're actually pretty darn cute:
1. Bumper Qoors03 Heelless Platforms $35.00

They've got that kinda weird ultra-crescent shape going on on the back of the wedge that I've mentioned before, but I think the straps more than make up for it. And at that price point, can you really say 'nay'?! I was heavily debating whether or not I was gonna sntach 'em up, but alas, no more 8s! There are a few others up on MMC right now that are cute, as well. The purple and turquoise booties are pretty fab, and they're very nicely shaped. Decisions!

What do you think, am I a crazy person for straying from Mr. Jeffrey Campbell? Haha!

Until next week!


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