Thursday, May 30, 2013

Knockoff Ninja #43 - Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" part 4!

Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" in Purple Suede available at Urban Outfitters ($160.00)

Shoe Republic LA "Silla" in Plum available at AMI Clubwear ($19.99), Sheikh Shoes ($26.99)

Super cute shape, which looks identical to Shoe Republic LA's "Step", and super unique color! The only thing left to be desired is the lack of eyelets on the latter! That can be easily remedied if you're a crafty gal, like me :D And obviously, the textile on the Lita is suede, while the dupe is velvet. But with a color match that close, does it really matter?

What do you think? Close enough? Seen any better? Leave 'em in the comments!

(And don't forget! Today is the last day to enter my Oasap giveaway!)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Music Monday #62 - Purity Ring

I just found this band. I'd heard of them occasionally by way of people I follow on Twitter. Constant praise, "OMGZ saw Purity Ring tonight, so good!" Etc. But I just listened to them for the first time last Tuesday and haven't listened to anything else. It's like Phantogram all over again. I want it inside my brain forever.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Bre's Week/Instagrams 5-24-13

HERE IT IS! The final edit from the Fuchsia Phoenix shoot last month!!! <3 Can't even believe this is me! (Photo by JLD Imagery)
Gahhhhh, Friday, you nasty b-word...

Was looking forward to hanging out with Sarah and Joey one last time and ALSO receiving some much-needed fundage today. Are those things going to happen? Nope :c Also, yesterday in Mount Vernon, a bridge on I-5 collapsed after a oversized truck hit it. AND my mom blew a tire on the freeway on the way to come pick up Jade D: Just... gnarliness all around. Some friends are also going through some bad stuff. No good!

I don't mean to make this whole post a bitchfest, but man!

Tuesday night was dive bar time with Sarah and Joey, where I somehow got drunk enough to be talked into doing karaoke. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. Well, my friend Mike and I got wasted one time and tried to do "Killer Queen" by Queen together, but I don't count that because we didn't even know the lyrics. Not even joking.

Aaaaaand last night was the final shindig with Sarah and Joey (well, until they visit). Had a couple beers with some other friends in their backyard and discussed the mechanics of me being stuffed into a box in their U-Haul for two days. Haha. Gonna miss those guys soooo, sooo much :c

Anyhow. I've compiled a list of retailers that are having big sales this weekend, 'cause I love you guys that much <3
  • AMI Clubwear: 35% off sitewide with AMIMD35
  • Edge of Urge: 25% off sitewide (some exclusions) with READY
  • Go Jane: 25% off sitewide (excludes giftcards) with MEMORIAL25
  • Heels: 20% off with VALOR
  • Make Me Chic: 25% off (some sale exclusions) with MWKEND25
  • Romwe: 20% off select items
  • Tilted Sole: $15 off $75+ with MDW2013
  • UNIF: 30% off with ZERODORK30
  • UrbanOG: 25% off new items with ALLNEW25
Any I'm missing? Leave codes in the comments and I'll add 'em to the list!

Added more art to le art wall.Matchy matchy!I heart my Romwe leggings so hard.Jade got to play some real drums!NEW SPIKEY HEADBANDBest leggings evar!Best Britney Spears karaoke EVER!Last gratuitous dive bar bathroom shot for a while.Jade woke me up like this....who knows. It amused me!

Don't forget to enter my Oasap giveaway, guys!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Knockoff Ninja #42 - UNIF "Hellraiser"

UNIF "Hellraiser" in Leopard Silver SOLD OUT! (Black available at MissKL $165.00)

Khaki Sparkling Glitter Flat Shoes With Rivet available at Udobuy (also in pink and red!) ($67.00)
Point Rivets Leopard Flat Shoes available at Romwe ($84.99 $46.67)

There's been a serious pattern in my favoring of knockoffs over originals as of late. These are no exception. I've loved the Hellraiser since its debut; I love the juxtaposition of spikes against the ultra-basic/boring loafer, especially in the brighter colors! But I just can't make myself like UNIF's choice in textile for the leopard version. The print is too small and the contrast I usually prefer in leopard prints just isn't there.

Now, these Chinese dupes are awesome! And the prices aren't too shabby considering UNIF's full price!

Whaddaya think? Love 'em, or leave 'em?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Oasap Giveaway!!! (CLOSED)

IT IS TIME! For my first Oasap giveaway! Here's the deal:

You can win one of the items below. All you have to do is...
1. Register an account with;
2. Follow at least one of following accounts:
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3. Leave one comment on this post telling me which Oasap account(s) you followed and your Oasap registered email (someone(at) format is fine).

Optional steps:
4. Follow By The Throat with Bloglovin' to find out if you won!

5. Share on Facebook:
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This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE and ends on May 30th at 2pm PST! Winner will be picked with I also need a minimum of 50 entries for the giveaway to be valid! This is important! So share with your friends!

Best of luck! <3

UPDATE 5/30: Unfortunately, I didn't get the minimum 50 entries needed to give a prize away :c Hopefully I'll have another giveaway in the near future! Sorry, guys!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Bre's Week/Instagrams 5-17-13

A goofy shot from after Burlesque Yourself back in March! (photo by Minh Pham)

First, last Saturday was the photoshoot at Discovery Park with Trevor Locke, which ended up being an expedition that will forever go down in history. Turns out there was a little bit of mis-communication and Sarah and I ended up hiking, IN LITAS, down to the beach. Holy OW. Haley was smart and wore flats :D But the shoot ended up amazing, and what we've seen so far looks effing fabulous!

Kinda awkward here, but still <3
Lol. I got to be the reflector laydeeeee.
Terry passed his drive test on Saturday and got his actual license at the DOL on Monday after throwing a crapload of money at them. Gah. But he's driving now! Jade and I get to sleep in! It has done wonders for both of our moods, haha!

Mother's Day was pretty awesome and relaxing. Terry and I ate until we died briefly at my Gramma's house and then went to visit his family in Mountlake Terrace.

Tuesday was Terry's 28th birthday (I'm such a cougar, I know). Tonight there will be a celebration of he and our friend Kevin's birthdays at Tony V's and probably down Hewitt in general. I'm still not certain if I'll be joining due to financial... non-existence. But I'm sure a great deal of fun will be had :D

On a final note, over the next week or so, I'll be putting a bunch of shoes and boots up on eBay, including the ones I had up in my Storenvy for what seemed like forever. Lots of Guess, some Steve Madden and Ego and Greed. Also a pair of Heelys, if you're into that sort of thing, haha! Check 'em out!

BELLA I LOVE YOUSPIKED LITAS ARE NOT HIKING SHOESBTS shotTERRY'S DRIVIN'!Veggie face!My newest Romwe leggings!Jade and mama snuggling before getting up.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Knockoff Ninja #41 - Alexander McQueen Ankle Strap Peep Toe Velvet Wedges

Alexander McQueen Ankle Strap Peep Toe Velvet Wedges in Black SOLD OUT (retailed at $825)

Privileged "Dexter" in Black Suede available at Go Jane ($13.95), Sheikh Shoes ($49.97)


Actually, this is kind of an older dupe (hence the ultra low sale price at GoJane!), but the shoe gods left me dry this week :/ Still, it's super well executed! The curve of the wedge is the only real difference I can see (besides the velvet vs. faux suede), and even then, I like Privileged's version better. And hey! They also come in coral, green, blue, tan, red, and yellow!

Do you have these guys yet? What do you think?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Romwe Leggings on Sale!!!

You all know how crazy I am about Romwe's leggings, so I figured I just HAD to share with you this crazy sale they're having! Starting right now through Friday night, a huge chunk of their leggings are $19.99. If you've had your eye on any pairs, there's a great chance they're on sale now! So haul ass over to Romwe and load up! Believe me when I say stuff is gonna sell out quick! The spiked leopard leggings are as good as MINE!

Happy shopping!

Shoes-day Tuesday #49 - Currently Obsessed

1. StyLuxe "Ninja" in Green $34.99
2. UNIF "MaryChains" in Black $245.00
3. Red Kiss "Rocky" in Light Mint $73.40
4. Privileged "Kempton" in Black $89.99
5. Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" in Oil Slick $176.00
6. Y.R.U. "Qozmo Hi" in Cheetah $90.00

You know when you see something so amazing, you do that sharp inhale/gasp thing? Maybe it's just me; my boyfriend hates it. Anyhow, I totally did that when I saw the "Kempton" by Privileged pop up on their Instagram. HARD. I haven't been so obsessed with a shoe since I first saw the Jeffrey Campbell "Vicious Ex" in Leopard. Seriously. I still don't even have those damn shoes!

All the rest are fabulous, but that goes without saying. I've been loving the Oil Slick Litas, too. Gorgeous!

Which ones can't you live without?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

Bre's Week/Instagrams 5-10-13

"DID YOU JUST THROW A BURRITO OUT YOUR WINDOW?!" Machine 2007 (link potentially NSFW)
OHHHHHH the glory of the approaching weekend! This lady needs a break. I love my son more than life, don't get me wrong. But it seems he's finally entering his "terrible twos". For someone who is used to dealing with a complete angel of a boy, the contrast of him actually going against me, telling me "no!" and not listening, is awful. Torture, even. And mama needs to go unwind and be stupid with some friends.

On Saturday, Sarah, Haley and I are shooting with the awesome Trevor Locke in North Seattle. It's taken me a while to get to the point of actually wanting to shoot. I used to be super intrigued by modeling, but so awkward-looking in the final images. The last few times have seriously built up my confidence, though, and now I actually have fun with it. Still waiting on edits from the last two shoots, but you can be sure I'll smash 'em in your faces as soon as I get my grubby little hands on 'em!

This past week, I've learned that one of my best friends, Sarah, has an amazing opportunity down in Arizona with her boyfriend, and will be moving in about two weeks.

*insert crushed face here*

I'm so excited for her and her future! But of course after I read her text with that news over and over again, I started to get seriously upset about the fact that I waited so long to finally try and rekindle things (you may remember that story from last November, but if not, it's here). In short, six years ago, we moved in together when we really shouldn't have because we were also working together full time, had a huge fight and 'broke up', as we like to tell people. I finally realized that I didn't hate her about a year ago and AGONIZED over whether or not I should try and apologize. I did this for six months, before finally sending a novel of my feelings over Facebook, expecting the worst. The outcome was more positive than I expected, and we've been almost inseparable since. However, now I'm dying that I didn't apologize sooner. We'd have had so much more time :c BUT she and Joey will be flying up every few months and offered to have me come visit, so this time it'll be a little more tolerable than when I've had friends permanently move away in my teenage years. GAH. Sarah, I'ma miss you so hard. She's working on a blog to document her major life change, so you should all go gawk at that :D

In other, SUPER EXCITING news, on Saturday Terry is taking his drive test. This is so major. There have been so many obstacles between him finally getting his license back the past month (hell, the past six years), that this is a huge relief. He will finally be completely independent for the first time in six years, and I think it's gonna do wonders for his self-esteem. Seriously, I'm so happy for him <3

Anyhow, here's some jpg-y assault fo' yo' face.

This is what headache Bre looks like.Bre and Sarah, drunk, circa 2006!When Terry drives, I get to wear giant shooz!Kisses!Corn and Cake.Feelin' cute, for a change :D

Errybody have a Happy Mother's Day!


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