Friday, November 23, 2012

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 11-23-12

Accurate. Gramma and I have been teaching Jade to draw stars :3
This is late, I know. I wasn't really near a computer for the past week and only had this post half completed because I was busy scheduling all the other posts for the week before I was sans-computer. I AM COMPLETING IT NOWWW.

Thanksgiving was awesome. Jade, Terry and I had dinner with Terry's mom and niece on Wednesday evening, then Thursday we went to an early dinner over at my dad's house (who, if you didn't know, I hadn't seen in about 10 years prior to this summer. Long story.). That whole side of the family finally got to meet Terry for the first time, which was pretty neat. Then we continued to stuff ourselves over at my mom and step-dad's house and I snuggled my estranged cat, Yeti. I miss that boy. Mom also found a buttload of old clothes I thought I had lost while she was cleaning up the laundry room, which was super exciting! Found a long-lost pair of Guess jeans from when I worked there (that I'll never fit into again, haha!) and one of my favorite old Union Jack tees! WHOOHOO!

Friday, we went out into the retail hell that is Black Friday very briefly to pick up a few Christmas presents for the Jade boy. It actually wasn't too bad, the crowds tend to die down a lot as the day goes on.

Continuing with my undefeated rekindling-of-relationships streak as of late, I contacted an old friend I had a nasty falling out with over five years ago and that had a better outcome than I could have ever hoped for (I actually posted about wanting to contact her ages ago, that can be found here)! Excited about the possibilities of that one, I seriously missed that girl WAY more than I even realized! <3

 WHAAAAALLLLEEEEE!!! A real life Moby Dick was spotted off the coast of Norway!!! GAH I LOVE WHALES.

 This tour of a super neat room belonging to a bunch of little boys is SUPER inspiring. One day...

 AHHHHH lookit this parallel between this Marceline and the Scream Queens comic and No Doubt's "Tragic Kingdom" album cover!!! Fangirling like hell. One of my favorite albums, EVER.

 Winter 2012/2013 Sergio Rossi collection *swoon*

 These freakishly lifelike masks are... super creepy. And yet fascinating.

 I was mentioned on one of my favorite shoe blogs for leaving a link to an Alexander McQueen knockoff AHHHHHHH!!!

 Lulzy Adventure Time crossovers!

 This is an older t-shirt surgery tutorial, but I am OBSESSED and am definitely going to make it soon. This site is soooo effing awesome!

 I want this to be my everyday life. WHY NOT ME?

 This post by Gala makes me so happy. Marilyn Manson was my EVERYTHING in my angsty teen years!

Notable Black Friday sales!
AMI Clubwear: 50% off with code BLACK50 through Sunday  Iron Fist: 55% off with code BLKFRI through Saturday  Nasty Gal: 25% off all shoes through Sunday  Solestruck: 30% off Friday, 40% off Saturday, 50% off Sunday  GoJane: Up to 70% off shoes; 20% off with code BF20R  DNA Footwear: 30% off with code THANKS30 through Sunday

Jade and I ran some pre-thanksgiving errands. This is my errands face.
My super old cat Yeti, who lives with my mom. I miss him so much :c
Photobooth goodness of my brother Brandon and I, circa 1995 D: It blows my mind that this was almost TWENTY YEARS AGO.
Until next week! There will be stuff. Hooray, stuff!

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