Monday, April 29, 2013

Music Monday #59 - Iggy Azalea

Say what you want about Iggy Azalea. I love her, and I'm not even a very big fan of rap music in general. "Work" has been on a continuous loop in my brain for the past week or so. Awesome freeway-driving song :D

Add me on if you wanna compare weirdo musical tastes :D

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Knockoff Ninja #38 - Galaxy Leggings!

Hello, first ever KN post that isn't about shoes! I've been a little obsessed with scouring eBay and Chinese street fashion sites for neat galaxy/cosmic/nebula/what-have-you leggings. It all seems to have started with a little Australian company called Black Milk, whose items I have lusted after FOREVER, but could never (EVER!) justify dropping $80 on a pair of leggings. I'm sorry, no. Let me rephrase that: oh, HELL no. My personal manifesto is that one should splurge to high heaven on shoes, but NEVER on clothing. I shop pretty much exclusively at thrift stores, Ross and Wet Seal, and that will never change. My reasoning for this is that your weight might fluctuate, but your shoe size will almost never vary.

I came across a butt-ton of fabulous leggings, and even ordered a pair from Romwe, which I was pretty impressed with considering the $25 price tag. That's about a THIRD of what Black Milk somehow gets away with charging.

These are the ones I ordered. They are much more substantial than I had expected them to be. I was fully prepared for a pair of cotton leggings that would rip out in the knee and fade like nobody's business (the "finish" looks matte in this picture to me, but maybe I'm just crazy...). But they're the same sort of stretchy polyester/spandex as those rad American Apparel-style leggings. Super bright, and super opaque!

While the majority of these items ship from China, it's totally worth it the wait, ESPECIALLY since these sellers (and Romwe and SheInside) ship for free. In my experience, items from overseas take about 2 weeks to get to me, but Romwe only took about a week. I'm not even sure how that's possible, considering stuff from UrbanOG (two states away) takes just as long! Impressive, nonetheless.

Happy shopping! I know I'm gonna scoop a ton of these up for myself!

(Full disclosure: the aim of this post is not to talk smack about any company, just to offer up alternatives for those on a budget like myself :D)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shoes-day Tuesday #48 - Springtime Sandals!

1. Iron Fist "Skellicorn" in Black $44.99
2. Bella Ever "720" in Black $12.99
3. Nibe "02" in Lavender $12.99
4. Breckelle's "Ester-16" in Blush $11.50
5. Bamboo "Eonian-02" in Sea $21.80
6. Privileged "Bambola" in Black $60.00

It's not quite "spring" here in these parts, but we get an occasional glimpse of 60-degree weather worthy of busting out some comfy sandals and tanks for a few moments. AMI has a metric f*&%-ton of super cheap sandals right now, so go scoop 'em up!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Music Monday #58 - Crystal Castles

OHHAY I'M BACK. And surprise, surprise, I've listened to more Crystal Castles *eyeroll* BUT, we're all moved in to the new place, so I WILL be updating more regularly. Wooo!



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