Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shoes-day Tuesday #48 - Springtime Sandals!

1. Iron Fist "Skellicorn" in Black $44.99
2. Bella Ever "720" in Black $12.99
3. Nibe "02" in Lavender $12.99
4. Breckelle's "Ester-16" in Blush $11.50
5. Bamboo "Eonian-02" in Sea $21.80
6. Privileged "Bambola" in Black $60.00

It's not quite "spring" here in these parts, but we get an occasional glimpse of 60-degree weather worthy of busting out some comfy sandals and tanks for a few moments. AMI has a metric f*&%-ton of super cheap sandals right now, so go scoop 'em up!

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