Thursday, August 30, 2012

Knockoff Ninja #14 - Jeffrey Campbell "Audrey Two"

Jeffrey Campbell "Audrey Two" in Dark Red available at Solestruck ($139.95)
Wild Rose "Ciela" in Red available at Make Me Chic ($16.80), AMI Clubwear ($19.99), Go Jane ($24.80), Ms. Heel ($32.95)

These are great! I really wasn't into the Audreys initially, to be totally honest, but now that I can get them for so cheap (and in SOOO many colors!), I'm all over them! The lucite trend doesn't go over well with me unless it's well executed, and these look pretty stunning on the foot.

Also available in black, tan, and nude/pink at Charlotte Russe and black and gold at YCMC ($19.97; use code BYTHETHROAT for 15% off)!

What do you think? Which colors are your must-haves in this design?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shoes-day Tuesday #31 - Birthday Wishlist!

1. Wild Rose "Ciela" in Lime $36.99
2. Dollhouse "Virus" in Black Multi $29.99
3. Jeffrey Campbell "Cuffed" in Teal Metallic $91.95
4. Privileged "Evvah" in Black $75.60
5. Shoe Republic "Alexander" in Pink $39.60
6. Glaze "Addicted-2" in Black Suede $59.99

My birthday is in ONE WEEK AAHHHHHH. These are the shoes I keep gazing at wistfully. Especially the green wedges, I actually almost bought them the other day before I remembered that I needed to save some cash for the REFUSED/SLEIGH BELLS show tonight at the Showbox Sodo! WOOOOOO SO EXCITED!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 8-24-12

Extremely relevant.

 Love Molly McIsaac's new blog, especially her rant on entitlement and bullying within the geek community. And her My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic styleboards are SO CUTE!

I would DIE to attend this blogger conference held by Gala, Nubby and Kat! GAHHH!

 Jeffrey Campbell's Fall lookbook "Wander Away" is fabulous. I'm itching for the black leather Pointes (reminiscent of the JC x Wildfox Ballerina flatforms)!

 Twinkie Chan's recaps of the show "Craft Wars" are the best! That show, you guys. It is. THE WORST. "GLUE GUN ALL THE NONSENSICAL THINGS" is what it should have been called.

Amanda Palmer's rant about her healed ear piercings is pretty great <3


 SQUEEEE rainbow crosswalks in West Hollywood are being made permanent!

Officially going to see Refused and Sleigh Bells at the Showbox Sodo next Tuesday! SO EXCITED! Are you going?

If I was mostly convinced that I should get my grubby hands on some of Kat Von D's lip stains, I'm now THOROUGHLY determined. Gala can sell me pretty much ANYTHING <3 I'm in the same boat, being overwhelmed by lip color, and lip stains are usually my go-to for added fanciness.

Having a fall/BTS sale on my slouchy hats (well, on everything, really) in my Etsy shop, 25% off your order with code FALLHATSALE :D

Shoes I lusted after:
Breckelle's "Georgia"  Alexander McQueen "Runway Heelless Sandal"  "Zen-1" Heelless  City Classified "Prosa"  Skull Print Booties(!!!)

My new flatforms bit me so hard :c BUT GRAMMA HAS DRAG-TASTIC BANDAIDS!

Got a lot going on this weekend and this coming week, so I'll have tons of words to sling at your face! Until next week!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Knockoff Ninja #13 - Jeffrey Campbell "Rockstar" part 2

Jeffrey Campbell "Rockstar" in Black available at Envi Shoes ($107.97)

Dollhouse "Virus" in Black Multi available at Cicihot ($19.99), AMI Clubwear ($29.99)

You may remember I already featured these babies back in May after what seemed like an explosion in heelless replicas out of nowhere. Well, these are by far the most accurate knockoff I've seen of Jeffrey Campbell's gravity-defying wedge. They're pretty dead-on, from the black patent and metallic leatherette used, right down to the curve in the wedge. I also spy a decent-looking tread on the soles, which is greatly appreciated. Of course, I have them in my birthday wishlist in every color (Pink, Pink Multi, and Black)!

Soooo snatching these up, at least in the Black Multi. Are you all over these?

Happy shopping!

(Links UPDATED as of 4/24/13!)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

September Call For Sponsors!

It's time for me to get all hopped up on caffeine again and yell at you about sponsoring my blog in September! It's my birthday month, so I may have some special stuff in store :D

You may remember that I implemented the Passionfruit ad system a while back, so the whole process is automated and super easy; no waiting for me to send you a Paypal invoice! Not to mention your ad goes up as soon as I approve it, so no waiting for weeks to see results if you choose to buy early!

In addition to my prices being ridiculously low, I also have a few different options for whats included with each type of ad, so go check out the sponsor page and take a look! I included some stats for you guys as of August 20th. My readerbase is still small, but it's growing pretty steadily! ;D

Looking forward to working with you guys!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shoes-day Tuesday #30 - Heelless Wedges Round 2!

1. Chockers "Carry" in Lavender $62
2. Jeffrey Campbell "Lace Up" in Black $195
3. Jeffrey Campbell "Daytime" in Leopard $155
4. Jeffrey Campbell "Starry Nite" $185
5. Jeffrey Campbell "Streetcred" in Teal $160
6. Giuseppe Zanotti Super Wedge Boot $995

...and they just keep comin'! I don't care what everyone else is saying, I'm still so enamored with heelless wedges. I still love them just as hard as I did when I first saw them <3

Monday, August 20, 2012

Music Monday #37 - Crystal Castles

On a gnarly Crystal Castles kick these past few weeks. Also, hi! I'm back! :D

Friday, August 17, 2012

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 8-17-12

This glow in the dark pool is pretty sweet.

Nubby x Solestruck <3

"Real feminists don't gaze at males." Pfffft.

Loved this post on laying out blog posts.

Totally digging this twisty low bun, must try!

LOVELOVELOVE this post wherein Gala talks about accepting your big nose! AHHH I'M SO IN THAT CLUB.

Shoes I lusted after:
Jeffrey Campbell "Starry Nite" Via Spiga "Pamela"  Jeffrey Campbell "Streetcred" in Teal (!!!!!) Go Jane's faux Nightlitas! These candy-colored JC Rockstar knockoffs at UrbanOG Leopard Vicious-Ex is finally here!

My dad found this picture at his old job right before it shut down. CRAYZAY. This is like 1997, I think at my 13th birthday.
Jade wears all the buckets.
Hurrrr durrrr <3
Got mah ASOS Vipers :D Had to return the first pair 'cause they were mismates, but it was well worth the wait! I love 'em!
All for this week! Should start blogging regularly again by Monday!


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