Friday, October 28, 2011

Tiny photodump time

The past few weeks!

We got a gigantic sectional. It. Is. Amazing. Changed it up a bit since this was taken, though.
Terry carved a Ron Swanson pumpkin XD
Jade got more adorable somehow. 9 months!
Just lookit all them teef! Six of 'em, now!
Dyed my hair black. Got tired of the crayola bangs, plus, what flapper ever had pink and purple hair? None! My costume will look more authentic now :D
All for now, but look out for Halloween pictures next week! We got Jade the cutest damn costume I've ever SEEN.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shoes-day Tuesday #7!

1. T.U.K. Women's A7880L Wedge Pump $100.00
2. Tiger Tiger Treading Bright Heel $72.99
3. Rhinestone bow platform $29.70
4. Iris Van Herpen x United Nude "Iris Shoe Laced" $999.95
5. Sanders7 printed mary jane platform wedge "Leopard" $29.04
6. Jeffrey Campbell "Beebee" in black velvet $154.95

I definitely see the leopard wedges in my future. I can't believe how reasonably priced they are for how obnoxious they are!!! Also, can we TALK about these Iris Van Herpen x United Nude oxfords?!?! WHY NOT MEEEE?!?!

I need to do a shoe collection post soon! Also, I'm gonna be selling a bunch of my shoes I've outgrown (my feet expanded while I was pregnant and never shrunk back down!) and am thinking about putting them all up for sale online before I sell them to a consignment shop. If any of you think you'd be interested, lemme know! All size 7s, gently used, lotsa wedges and heels, lotsa Guess!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Music Monday #5 - Nine Inch Nails

Muuuuuusic Mondeeeeee! Sorry, super caffeinated today and it's seeping through my fingertips!!! This week it's my favorite band from my teenage years, Nine Inch Nails with 28 plays.

...okay, they're still pretty high up on my list of all-time favorite bands, but I did the majority of my heavy listening in my freshman year of high school, at the height of my angst :D (HAHAHA, that smiley after that sentence is killing me!)

Aaannnnd my favorite track! There are actually a ton of favorites, but this one is waaaayyy up there. I can almost taste the high school angst...


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sugarpill lust!

MAN. It has really been a while! Lame! This week was a pretty light school week, too, I guess I've just been super preoccupied with Jade. I just wanted to pop in and push some stuff on you guys :D I finally caved and bought that Sugarpill Sweetheart palette from that birthday wishlist I shared with you guys last month! Yaaayyyy!!!

Yessssss! I have to say that I've wanted these shadows for about a year, but was pretty hesitant to buy a palette at first because of how much it cost (I'm a fan of high-end makeup, but I tend to buy single items over long periods of time!), but when I got it in my hot little hands and realized how HUGE these pans are, I was blown away! SOOOO much product here, the pans are about the size of a MAC blush pan!

I was super excited about Dollipop (pink) and Afterparty (blue), but after playing around with it a bunch, it turns out I'm all about Midori (green)! I just got rid of my pink and purple bangs, but I LOVED how this color contrasted with them and made my eyes pop!

Quickie blurry shot from a few weeks ago, nothing too fancy. Midori and Tako (white).
The color payoff is amazing, as well, and the lasting power is great. If you've been thinking about getting anything Sugarpill like I was, I say go for it! More than worth it! Not to mention the creator/owner, Amy, is so adorable <3

I'll do a more interesting look in the future and share it with you guys!

Sugarpill Shop - Facebook - Twitter

Go get some!!!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Music Monday #4 - AFI

Aaaannd before Jade wakes up and my next break is slammed with schoolwork, I wanna get Music Monday out of the way! This week it's another one of my favorite bands ever:

AFI with 13 plays <3 Lovelovelove this band no matter how they evolve. They will always be amazing to me.

I was actually SEVERELY tempted to post something older, but I really, *really* adore this song. It is GORGEOUS.

As always, if you have a account and want to add me, I can be found here!


Hooray! Crochet!

So, some fun stuff happened this past week. We bought a new gigantic sectional, which is being delivered any moment now(!!!), I got good and liquored up at Chivahn's 25th birthday party in Shoreline Saturday night (much needed!), and I learned to crochet! Like, actually learned how to do it so I can make stuff other than endless chains of nothing. Heh! So I knew how to chain and I was probably capable of making a scarf. I tried teaching myself how to do a hat by way of the internet, but it didn't translate well for me, so my Gramma showed me how to do it in about 10 seconds! Now I'm making a fancy cloche hat for my Halloween costume. I'm going to be a flapper! I had originally bought one of those sequin bands with a feather on it (and promptly returned it), but then I delved more into flapper history and realized that in EVERY PICTURE, they're wearing cloches! Soooo, I dunno what that's all about. Anyhow, I'm about halfway done, just need to crochet the brim now!

I love how I wasn't sure what size hook to get because I hadn't found a pattern yet, so I just went for my favorite color. It was maybe half a mm off! Heh! Love how that worked out.

Did you guys learn to do anything neat lately?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ow, my brain!

Anatomy notes/reproductive conditions D:
I'm alive, I swear! I've just been sorta inundated with effing schoolwork! I think my wrist is about to give out from taking notes, this is intense! Although, when I wasn't doing homework or chasing after the little boy, I did manage to mail out a couple necklaces this week! WHOOHOO!

Just checkin' in! I'll be doing intermittent updates, I'm sure :/



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