Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sugarpill lust!

MAN. It has really been a while! Lame! This week was a pretty light school week, too, I guess I've just been super preoccupied with Jade. I just wanted to pop in and push some stuff on you guys :D I finally caved and bought that Sugarpill Sweetheart palette from that birthday wishlist I shared with you guys last month! Yaaayyyy!!!

Yessssss! I have to say that I've wanted these shadows for about a year, but was pretty hesitant to buy a palette at first because of how much it cost (I'm a fan of high-end makeup, but I tend to buy single items over long periods of time!), but when I got it in my hot little hands and realized how HUGE these pans are, I was blown away! SOOOO much product here, the pans are about the size of a MAC blush pan!

I was super excited about Dollipop (pink) and Afterparty (blue), but after playing around with it a bunch, it turns out I'm all about Midori (green)! I just got rid of my pink and purple bangs, but I LOVED how this color contrasted with them and made my eyes pop!

Quickie blurry shot from a few weeks ago, nothing too fancy. Midori and Tako (white).
The color payoff is amazing, as well, and the lasting power is great. If you've been thinking about getting anything Sugarpill like I was, I say go for it! More than worth it! Not to mention the creator/owner, Amy, is so adorable <3

I'll do a more interesting look in the future and share it with you guys!

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Go get some!!!



  1. You look gorgeous! Love the color...they make your eyes pop. Sometimes you just gotta splurge!



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