Monday, April 30, 2012

Music Monday #25 - Santigold

Santigold, you have outdone yourself. I've been waiting for new music from you for FAR too long (SINCE 2008!!!), and this new album "Master of My Make-Believe" does not disappoint. It's so, soooo good.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Bre's Week In Links 4-27-12

Liz Lemon fo' lyfe.
 Five of the highest-heeled shoes ever made. I died. Really, though. I did. Those Kronier Creations BOOTS at number five!!! Send halp, plz, I cannot breathe.

 Gala always nails every subject she touches, I swear. Self-injury has always been presented as such a taboo thing, but it's way more common than you'd think and I really wish I had something as honest and heartfelt as this to read as a teen. Everything has always seemed to either glorify or condemn it, and neither is very helpful to someone trying to cope with such pain. Three cheers to Gala!

 The ever-adorable Kate Gabrielle has started a Scholastic Book Club-style etsy shop! What a brilliant idea! Made me feel so nostalgic for elementary school! I was such a nerd!

 I've said it once, I'll say it again: I'm not into Gaga anymore, but I always love a look behind the scenes because she's still very fascinating to me in an artsy/fashion kind of way. Armani's costume designs for Lady Gaga's upcoming tour.

 AHHHH Marie did one of her infamous screencap-laden movie reviews of what is probably my favorite '90s movie ever, Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead!

 These Giuseppe Zanotti scalloped sandals are GORGEOUS.

 These little plush guys with a window for a picture of mom or dad are super cute.

 Betsey Johnson is filing for bankruptcy. Can you hear my heart breaking? :'c

 Added a yellow slouchy hat to the shop!

My friend Ashley shared this video and I about died. Goddamn HILARIOUS.

Instagram dump!
This week has been pretty damn amazing.

Jade's new carseat got plenty of mileage...
...we went to the park down the street on a GORGEOUS day...
I tried my hand at fancy manicures after a toddler-induced hiatus. Not so great, but I'll get better!
I laughed at my boy for hanging out under this blanket, giggling uncontrollably. SO CUTE.
Tried on Chev's new Ego & Greed flatforms. I want them so bad, but they're all sold out :c (it looks like I'm ghostly pale, but those are just my socks, haha!)
Wednesday night I met up with my old friend Joseph and went skating and drank a few too many whiskey sours (I need a new signature drink because those are NOT your friend in the morning!). Check out that shiner! It was White Trailer Trash night, haha! Classy!
I've been an inline kinda girl since I was 8 years old, but I decided I want to get used to regular quads again.
So, other than Jade's 15-month immunizations Thursday afternoon, poor baby *sadface*, this week was a definite goodun compared to the weeks preceding it :D In the coming weeks I'm looking at doing a giveaway, but I need to figure out how I'm gonna go about that. So stay tuned!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Music Monday #24 - Spinnerette

I told myself I was gonna lay off ol' Slerr Berrrs and give something else a chance. I'm so proud! Wooo, restraint! Ahhh, Spinnerette. Today it is GORGEOUS out and this song is literally the most perfect song to crank while driving down a highway on a beautiful day. I just might go do that this afternoon <3

As always, you can add me on! Hope you're all having a fantastic day!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mourning Broken Friendships (Srs Bsns)

I've been doing a lot of thinking in the last 5 months or so, and I'm pretty sure it's a result of how quickly having a child forces you to grow up, even if you were 100% certain that you already had. I have a couple friends I've had some huge fallings out with in the last five years and for the life of me I cannot stop thinking about them and how horribly things ended. Maybe I had overreacted and could have done something differently. Maybe they didn't deserve what I doled out to them, and ultimately deserved a second chance. Maybe I did the right thing. Who knows, but it's all been weighing very heavily on my mind, and I feel like I need to reach out to them in some way just to bury the hatchet, if anything. Just to know that the unspoken hatred has dissipated on both ends. To know that little would put my mind at such ease.

I think a lot about how much energy I've expended on these stupid grudges for years at a time and it actually scares me to think that if I don't change my ways, somehow this will rub off on my son. I'm so glad that I stopped the bullshit and started to realize that while he's so young. I don't want him to make snap judgments. I don't want him to hold on to anger for years, and have it slowly eat away at him until he's sitting alone wondering where all his friends went. There is so much good to focus on, even if things don't turn out in your favor. People fuck up. They just do, it doesn't necessarily mean they have to be exiled from your world, especially if it's so obvious that the love was there, and always had been.

So I suppose realizing all that is good in and of itself, but should I bother trying to make things civil, or do I just let it go? Because that's the part that has been so difficult for me. I almost feel like if I just got it out of my system, I'd be better equipped to let it go. Or maybe I'd have my friend back. I'd gladly take either outcome.

Have you been in a situation like this? What did you do?


Friday, April 20, 2012

Now accepting sponsors!

If you're interested, check out the sponsor page for details! If I'm already working with you, you've still got your ad up for a while longer :D


Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 4-20-12

Srsly. (source)

 Spray can art. Gorgeous.

 Dads are the original hipsters. So funny.

 DIY ketchup, mustard, and  mayo. Sounds AMAZING.

 Handpainted trash cans at Coachella. Loving that eyeball and tentacle one!

 Check out this gorgeous iridescent art installation.

 Pantone Angry Birds!

 Ombre nails tutorial! I really wish I had more opportunities to paint my nails, I LOVE this.

 Kaelah did another cocktail post. I'm dying to try the Undercurrent because I have an unhealthy obsession with blue beverages :D

 Shoe discounts good for today only! GOGOGO!

 Solestruck put up some new Night Walks today! THE TURQUOISE. I CAN'T.

 Win a $500 shopping spree at Solestruck courtesy of The Zoe Report!

 Okay, SERIOUSLY. Twinkie Chan's craft room again. I AM SEETHING WITH JEALOUS RAGE!

Instagram dump time!

I actually sorted out a ton of my yarn and stuff this last week (AND finally learned to use my serger!), you can't really tell, but here's a peek at my craft area:

The hat stack keeps growing, too! More hats go up on Etsy tonight!

Here's what it looks like as of Thursday afternoon. Ack!

Here is an uber-hipster Jade.
Terry and I went out for much-needed drinks the other night. One of my three double whiskey sours, ha!

Today I'm packing up Jade to go visit my Gramma and do crafty things :D Stoked to get out of the apartment! Yay!

Until next week,

Monday, April 16, 2012

Music Monday #23 - Queen Adreena

Man, I was soooo into Queen Adreena about 7 years ago, I have no idea what happened to make me forget how amazing they are *swoon* Katie Jane is so strange and lovely all at once.

From here on out, if Sleigh Bells comes in first, I'm automatically reverting the the band that takes second place. Just so you know, haha! They're pretty much always gonna be the most played because I ALWAYS listen to them while I'm driving :D

Add me on!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shop update!

Added 6 brand new slouchy hats to the shop! I've been crocheting my fingers off! Check 'em out:

More colors will be added over the next few weeks! And I'll be back to my regularly scheduled programming tomorrow!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Music Monday #22 - Garbage

Garbage. Forever. That's all :D

On a side note, Sleigh Bells was cancelled on Sunday due to Alexis Krauss having laryngitis :c SUPER upsetting, I was so looking forward to the show! But, it looks like I may be getting a refund, so I'll just get a ticket to M83 at the end of the month instead! Hopefully Alexis gets better and Sleigh Bells come back soon, I'll totally be all over it.

Hope you guys had a good easter! I'll share photos at the end of the week!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Bre's Week In Links 4-6-12

SO STOKED (source)

 Okay, I'm not one to get all crazy paranoid about internet privacy (just moderately paranoid, ha!), but this really weirded me out. Although half of the problem has been corrected as of last week, it's still pretty gnarly knowing that your Facebook data can be exploited in this manner. Yuck! Here's another great article on this from Violet Blue.


 Danielle compiled a list of Instagram extras! I've been super envious of all you people able to take advantage of Stickygram, and now I can, too! WOOO!


 Leesha shows us how to make makeup brush cleaner with stuff you already have on hand!

 This neon glitter vase DIY is such a cute idea!

 I made this Muno doll for Jade! It's waaaayyy easier than I thought to do amigurumi stuff! Check him out:

 This Black Milk x JC collab is KILLING ME. I want the Galaxy Night Litas in the worst way!

So this week, Chev gave me a crapload of her yarn and fiberfill, so I'll be making a bunch more little dolls for Jade and my empty shelves and whatnot. My next projects are the Pokemon Wooper and Rarity from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (rapidly progressing into a Brony, here!). I ALSO was just finally upgraded to a gold Xbox Live account, ha! So I'll probably be on there playing Boogie Bunnies with Chivahn a bit :D

Also, this weekend is EFFING SLEIGH BELLS at the Showbox Sodo. I feel like I've been waiting forever! Need to scrape together what money I can for parking and drinks. Feel free to buy stuff from my shop, ha! <3

Until next week!


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