Friday, April 27, 2012

Bre's Week In Links 4-27-12

Liz Lemon fo' lyfe.
 Five of the highest-heeled shoes ever made. I died. Really, though. I did. Those Kronier Creations BOOTS at number five!!! Send halp, plz, I cannot breathe.

 Gala always nails every subject she touches, I swear. Self-injury has always been presented as such a taboo thing, but it's way more common than you'd think and I really wish I had something as honest and heartfelt as this to read as a teen. Everything has always seemed to either glorify or condemn it, and neither is very helpful to someone trying to cope with such pain. Three cheers to Gala!

 The ever-adorable Kate Gabrielle has started a Scholastic Book Club-style etsy shop! What a brilliant idea! Made me feel so nostalgic for elementary school! I was such a nerd!

 I've said it once, I'll say it again: I'm not into Gaga anymore, but I always love a look behind the scenes because she's still very fascinating to me in an artsy/fashion kind of way. Armani's costume designs for Lady Gaga's upcoming tour.

 AHHHH Marie did one of her infamous screencap-laden movie reviews of what is probably my favorite '90s movie ever, Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead!

 These Giuseppe Zanotti scalloped sandals are GORGEOUS.

 These little plush guys with a window for a picture of mom or dad are super cute.

 Betsey Johnson is filing for bankruptcy. Can you hear my heart breaking? :'c

 Added a yellow slouchy hat to the shop!

My friend Ashley shared this video and I about died. Goddamn HILARIOUS.

Instagram dump!
This week has been pretty damn amazing.

Jade's new carseat got plenty of mileage...
...we went to the park down the street on a GORGEOUS day...
I tried my hand at fancy manicures after a toddler-induced hiatus. Not so great, but I'll get better!
I laughed at my boy for hanging out under this blanket, giggling uncontrollably. SO CUTE.
Tried on Chev's new Ego & Greed flatforms. I want them so bad, but they're all sold out :c (it looks like I'm ghostly pale, but those are just my socks, haha!)
Wednesday night I met up with my old friend Joseph and went skating and drank a few too many whiskey sours (I need a new signature drink because those are NOT your friend in the morning!). Check out that shiner! It was White Trailer Trash night, haha! Classy!
I've been an inline kinda girl since I was 8 years old, but I decided I want to get used to regular quads again.
So, other than Jade's 15-month immunizations Thursday afternoon, poor baby *sadface*, this week was a definite goodun compared to the weeks preceding it :D In the coming weeks I'm looking at doing a giveaway, but I need to figure out how I'm gonna go about that. So stay tuned!


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