Thursday, March 6, 2014

Knockoff Ninja #59 - Jeffrey Campbell "Everly Cheetah"

Jeffrey Campbell "Everly" in Cheetah available at Karmaloop ($114.95)

Dollhouse "Guru" in Leopard available at UrbanOG ($35.40), Cicihot ($36.45), Make Me Chic ($37.70)

Does anything really need to be said? I absolutely adore these little cut-out booties in every incarnation, but in LEOPARD? Um, yep. Yes plz. The only real difference I can see is the JCs have a silver/gunmetal plate, while the Dollhouse version appear to have gold. Big deal? Not really. Especially for the price. GIMME.

Happy shoe shopping!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Knockoff Ninja #58 - Privileged "Gabriella"

Privileged "Gabriella" in Black available at Karmaloop ($86.00), Heels ($109.99)

Wild Rose "Wilson-02" in Red available at Make Me Chic ($43.20), UrbanOG ($44.20), Cicihot ($49.95), Go Jane ($56.70)

Also available in Silver and Green!

Wild Rose is (and I loathe this expression, but for lack of a better one) KILLING IT in the dupe department! First we had the Wagner dupe, and now this, which is really just the same construction with a different upper. I wish they made these in black (of course), but I think I kinda love the red! What about you?

Happy shoe shopping!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Knockoff Ninja #57 - Steve Madden "Amanduh"

Steve Madden "Amanduh" in Black available at Steve Madden ($99.99)

Wild Diva Lounge "Jordyn-01" in Black available at Make Me Chic ($29.30), Pink Basis ($30.99), Go Jane ($31.90), UrbanOG ($32.40), Cicihot ($33.35)

GAAHHHHH I HAVE BEEN IN DEEP LUST WITH THESE FOR SO LONG. There's only one size left in the black, but we're in luck, because Wild Diva Lounge just released a badass dupe for only $33! Jordyn-01 comes in burgundy, black, and natural (if you're into that sorta thing). I'm having a hard time deciding between burgundy and black. Wish I had the fundage to get both, but such is life right now *sigh* Someone send me 52,000 Dogecoins! :P

You can also take 20% off your UrbanOG purchase until Friday with the code HEARTUOG!

What do you think?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

ModCloth Make The Cut Contest: 'Prints' Charming

Have you always dreamed of moonlighting as a fashion designer? Well, here's your chance! ModCloth's Make The Cut program is a recurring design contest that invites the ModCloth Community to design garments, graphics, or fabric prints. Its main purpose is to further their mission of democratizing fashion by producing clothing designed by community members. YOU can become a designer at ModCloth!

How does the contest work?
Entrants will design a new print for a private label dress silhouette that is already being produced. Contestants have two weeks to submit designs. After the submission period, the ModCloth Creative Team will narrow down the submissions to 20, which will be sent to the guest judge, Amanda Needham, Costume Designer for Portlandia. After Amanda has chosen the 10 finalists, they will be posted on the Be The Buyer page for voting. There will be a week for the Community to vote, then ModCloth will contact the winner and update the contest announcement with the big news!

  • Contest is Live Now!
  • End of Submission Period: Friday 02/14/14
  • Launch voting on Be The Buyer: Monday 03/03/14
  • End voting on Be The Buyer: Monday 03/10/14
  • Winner announced on ModCloth Blog (winner will be contacted personally): Wednesday 3/12/14

Send your entry in now and godspeed!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Knockoff Ninja #56 - UNIF "Cross Trainer"

UNIF "Cross Trainer" in Hologram available at UNIF ($155.00), Nasty Gal ($235.00)

Fashion Women's Short Boots With Cross Print available at Sammydress ($20.95)

Also comes in black and galaxy print :)

This is another irritating instance where some awesome dupes are from a Chinese-based company, so the sizes only go up to 8.5 :c Sorry, guys. But wow, these are ridiculously accurate and cost next to NOTHING. Shipping is another story, but STILL!

Happy shoe shopping!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Life Lately!

So, I'm back. For the moment, haha!

I have this weird thing with this blog where I feel like I have to be uber consistent and only update according to my pre-set schedule that I invented like two years ago. I don't ever feel as if I can just pop in any day of the week to say "HAY WASSUP," even though this is MY blog. It's the weirdest thing. Anyhow, I need to break that habit, seeing as how only like two of my original five weekly features have even survived.

So, what's up with me lately? Well! I've done a couple freelance MUA jobs, one for a magazine ad my friend Rachell was shooting for a wedding planner/caterer, and one for my friend Gregory for a roller derby fashion shoot in Fiveonfive magazine! Super fun. Looking forward to getting my hands on some tearsheets from both of those projects!

I've also suddenly had a much-needed influx in design work. After I finished up Chev's website for her salon re-branding, I had a few people come forward for jobs. I did a partial redesign/product update for Soapy Bliss (highly recommend; her products are adorable!), and am still working on a site redesign for Coming Up Roses Vintage out of Snohomish!

Jade and I just applied for our passports a couple weeks ago, because my grandparents on my dad's side are taking us and my cousin and her son to Mexico in March! AHHHHHHH we are so freaking excited! Started doing a half-assed T25 routine two weeks ago in hopes of losing a few inches before vacation, but I've been really slackin' on that :/

We got a cat! His name is George, and he's four years old. We adopted him from the Everett Animal Shelter and he is a perfect fit for our family. He's totally chill and mostly flops around (unless Jade is pestering him), but he's still totally playful, too, which is SO ADORABLE!

Very cat. Much majestic. Wow.
I've got a shoot lined up with Anacani Carrera soon, which is SO FREAKING AWESOME because I've been following her work via our mutual friend Lacie for YEARS. Still tossing around concepts, but I know she's gonna nail the eff out of whatever we come up with. Look at this killer shoot she just did with Haley!

Lastly, I was finally able to enroll in health insurance and it will be active as of February 1st. You'd best believe I'm signing up for the local Potential Fresh Meat derby league immediately after!

I think that brings us up to date. I may not be the greatest at keeping this blog lately, but I'm usually pretty active on Instagram and Twitter, if you wanna follow me there :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Knockoff Ninja #55 - Privileged "Wagner"

Privileged "Wagner" in Black available at Shiekh Shoes ($89.99 $39.99), Roxx ($76.00), ZooShoo ($98.00), Make Me Chic ($98.00), Heels ($99.99)

Wild Rose "Wilson-01" in Black available at Make Me Chic ($36.20), UrbanOG ($37.20), Charlotte Russe ($45.50), Go Jane ($47.40)

Dang! Exactly the same, minus the texture and heel! Nothing else can really be said, so I'll let you guys decide! Yay or nay?

Happy shoe shopping!


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