Thursday, May 22, 2014

Knockoff Ninja #61 - London Trash "Crime"

London Trash "Crime" in Black Crocodile available at Bakers ($99.98), Heels ($229.99)

Cape Robbin "Debby-DH2" in Black Crocodile available at Shiekh Shoes ($32.99), Make Me Chic ($49.00), Blamers Shoes ($53.99), Cicihot ($59.99)

WOOOOWWWW! As soon as I came across these, I got super excited. Nothing is really as close dupe-wise as these are! The Crime have a bit more of a flat finish and the Debby has a gold bottom. That is where the differences end! These are rad. AND it seems like Cicihot always has discount codes, so you can save even more! Weeee!

Happy shoe shopping!

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