Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shoes-day Tuesday #46 - MissKL Sale of DOOM!

1. Jeffrey Campbell "Coltrane" in Wine Ruboff $112.95 ($79.06!)
2. Jeffrey Campbell "Platrane" in Black $157.95 ($110.56!)
3. Privileged "Beverly" in Black $45.95 ($32.16!)
4. Jeffrey Campbell "Raid" in Black $104.95 ($73.46!)
5. DV8 by Dolce Vita "Vixen" in Black and White $99.95 ($69.96!)
6. Jeffrey Campbell "Vicious Ex" in Red/White/Black Zebra $79.95 ($55.96!)

Man, MissKL is being freaking crazy today and tomorrow! Take 30% off sale and get free shipping (on orders over $50) with code THIRTY 1/29 and 1/30. Sale on sale is a very rare occurance for this company! This is only a tiny sample of some of their crazy deals (see more here). I myself nabbed those DV8 Vixens, preeeetty stoked about that! I've been eyeballing them for months now.

Gogogo, and be quick, 'cause this stuff isn't gonna last!

Happy shoe shopping!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Bre's Week (also, Instagrams!) 1-25-13

So, I have a new car! I was cut a pretty generous check on Wednesday for my totaled car and immediately started scouring good ol' Craigslist for something fancy. On Friday, Grampa (the ultimate auto & aviation mechanic/gearhead for sport) and I went to take a look at this 2002 Corolla at a used car lot in South Everett, but ended up totally digging a 1995 Nissan Sentra instead. Totally stoked on it! The only drawback is that it's a manual; I haven't driven one in over a decade and I wasn't so good at it then, haha! Gotta get a ton of practice in over the weekend! BUT! The upside of having a manual is, of course, that it gets insane gas mileage, which is SUPER important to me because I spend a fair amount of time driving to Seattle. I was elated to find out that it averaged 34 mpg highway (28 mpg combined)! WOOHOOO!

Jade's 2 year birthweek was great! He had a party every night for four days! It was so funny, I was actually afraid that he'd think he was gonna have cake every night from now on! Thursday we stayed in and I made a cake, which Terry accidentally dropped on the floor, so he ended up making the second one. Stuffed our faces and lazed about.

Friday we had a party at Gramma and Grampa's house with my mom and step-dad. Meatloaf, mashed 'tatoes and chocolate angel food cake! AMAZING!

Saturday we went out to mexican in North Everett with Terry's family, which was a total blast. A bunch of dudes came up out of NOWHERE, started singing and put a giant sombrero on Jade, effectively scaring the crap out of everyone.

Sunday we had a little party over at my dad's house with cupcakes and a tiny boy running rampant. Played an especially hysterical game of 21 Questions with my sisters, their boyfriends and my cousins. NOBODY KNOWS WHO JAMES BROWN IS. I felt really old, heh!

So Jade had a blast and was full of sugar and overloaded with gifts for almost a week straight. Lucky guy <3

In other, less exciting news, I took advantage of a super gnarly sale at Iron Fist on Sunday evening, where I scored the Ruff Rider combat boots, Starry Night platforms and Ray Play peep-toe flats for an unbelievable $36 after applying my rewards points. Totally excited to get all those, I'm hoping by Saturday, maybe Monday at the latest! *squee!*

Got off my lazy ass and made breakfast for Jade's birthday! Haha! Bacon pancakes <3
Jade's birthday cake! This was actually the second one, the first one ended up on the floor. HA. WHAT. A. WEEK.
Super pretty sunset from the Albertsons parking lot.
Snuggle time <3
My dad, stepmom, sisters AND AN ANGSTY 14 YEAR OLD BRE XD
It's been foggy here pretty much non-stop for the past 4 or 5 days. GAH.
Until next week! I'll let you all know about my progress with learning to drive stick ;D

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Knockoff Ninja #32 - Jeffrey Campbell "Aubrey Spike"

Jeffrey Campbell "Aubrey Spike" in Nude available at Solestruck ($144.95)

Soda "Studly-S" in Lt Stone available at Electrique Boutique ($34.99)

These are super cute, had to do a feature on 'em! Available in Light Stone and Black, these are pretty identical with the exception of the size of the studs and spikes. But really, almost exactly the same. Love me a spikey wedge!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shoes-day Tuesday #45 - Super Flatforms!

1. Gazith "Blitz" in White $144.95
2. Y.R.U. "Quozmo" in Black $64.95
3. Ego and Greed "Victory" in Blue Hologram $134.95
4. Jeffrey Campbell "Stein" in Black Washed $134.95
5. Buffalo "1310-2" in Fuchsia $219.95
6. Jeffrey Campbell "Fastrane" in Black $188.00

I've had an insatiable lust for flatform shoes since I was raised by the Spice Girls, so it's safe to say that I need all of these NOW. My major want? Those JC Fastranes! All the goodness of the Coltrane with almost 3 times the height! GIVEIT!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Rest In Peace, 'Rolla...

Wednesday morning in South Everett, Jade and I were waiting at a stop light. Randomly looked in my rearview, and out of nowhere a burgundy Taurus comes hurtling at us in between the left hand turn lane and the lane we were in, crashing into the driver side of my bumper, tail light and smashing in the back side panel. The guy was super old, and blind (black glasses and all), which I could not believe. I've never been in a situation like this on my own, so I totally panicked and couldn't even figure out that I couldn't start my car up to move out of traffic because I had never shut off the ignition.

I made sure Jade was okay, then finally figured out what I needed to do to get my car out of everyone's way. We pulled into the nearest 7-11 where this guy proceeded to walk inside, pull out some random brunette lady and tell her he hit her car. Ummm, what? I stood outside of my car and watched from right across the lot while he walked over to her car and started looking at the front end of it for damage. Huh? Excuse me, sir! The flaming red-headed woman you just rear-ended in the teal car is right over here!

So he comes over and starts looking for the damage. I AM NOT KIDDING, YOU GUYS. We were standing right in front of it. I blurted out, "You can't SEE that?"

This whole thing was just a nightmare. I should have called the police, but in a daze, all I could do was demand the guy's insurance info (and he brought a huge box of stuff out of his car and had me dig around for the policy paperwork. I'M SO SERIOUS.). After that, I took off and filed a claim with his insurance company immediately after we got home.

So far, I've had the car looked at by a local body shop, and it was officially considered a total loss, with $4,300 in damages. After a few days of correspondence between the insurance company and the body shop, it's looking like I'm going to be reimbursed for the current market value of the vehicle, but who knows how long that'll take. I'm expecting to know more by Monday. For now, I have no car! Which sucks really hard, considering this is Jade's birthday week and I had stuff I was supposed to do next week. I also feel disgustingly out of control when I don't have a vehicle.

I sort of want to feel bad about wishing I had called the police, but then again I don't. How does this guy have a license? I'm not trying to be a jerk to the elderly, here. I'm just baffled as to how someone who is legally BLIND is allowed to operate a giant metal piece of machinery. As if it's not bad enough that this guy rear-ended a woman and her toddler, I keep thinking, what if we hadn't been there? What if someone had been crossing the street at that moment? It makes me pretty sick.

I'm thankful that everyone is okay, but man. What a crappy week :/

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 1-18-13

I DIED. (source)
Know what? I just really don't feel like doing links this week. I kind of feel like I'm posting the same shit every week, anyhow. AND I'm severely behind on all my blogs. So let's give the whole thing a break, cool? Cool :D

It's still the beginning of the week as I write this, so not much has happened yet. Last week, however... on Thursday I headed down to Seattle to hang out with Stef, Chivahn, Jessie and Ryan. Started working on another t-shirt surgery and got to take a look at the fabric my custom Idolatre corset is going to be made of! AHHHH I'm so stoked about it! Such a gorgeous fabric (in bright teal, of course!). It's directly inspired by the corset dress Renee is wearing in this shoot, but blue, and regular corset length (without the foofy panniers). OMGICAN'TWAAAAAIIIIITTT.

On Saturday, Sarah and I hung out and went out to this crazy bar in Edmonds filled with a bunch of bro types who were totally wasted and hugging each other. It was really... hilarious.

Other than that, nothing. Just trying to throw together a party for Jade's 2nd birthday (Thursday!). I've also been lamenting about not being in school this quarter :c Seriously, such a bummer.

Oh my god, you guys. I just went and looked back on the last Week In Links post. There have been SO many Instagrams between then and now. Prepare to be assaulted...

Xmas gifts from Chev! A Kat Von D pallette w/ lip glosses and a coffee table book about the history of shoes! <3!
A picture from the photo session my sisters, Jade and I did for dad for xmas! Wow!
Jade on xmas morning, banging his electronic drumsticks on his new guitar. SUCH INNOVATION.
I bought these Ash knockoffs for myself! I seriously live in them! SO COMFY.
I ran around all kinds of stores the two days after xmas looking for the Adventure Time "Jake vs. Me-Mow" dvd JUST so I could have this Finn hat! I was very pleased, obviously!
Jade wanted to check it out, too.
Chev fixed mah hurrs.
Jade and I got sick :c
Being a derp on NYE in my sparkly sweater :D
Jade, bein' mama.
In Edmonds with Surrrrrr.
...highly possessed Surrrr.
Bein' a derp again with my bokeh app :P
That's it! You can go back to your lives now!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Knockoff Ninja #31 - Alexander McQueen "Runway"

Alexander McQueen "Runway" in Rose available at Neiman Marcus ($2,877.00), Bergdorf Goodman ($3,197.00)
Bumper "Agyness-03" in Fuchsia available at UrbanOG ($30.00), Make Me Chic ($37.00)

Not bad, not bad at all! And for a teensy fraction of the cost! Damn! I love this sort of "hooved" construction, it's a bit more extreme-looking to me than our usual heelless fare. Still not a huge fan of the suede, but I'll give 'em an A.

Whattaya think?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Shoes-day Tuesday #44 - Lucite Done Right!

1. Jeffrey Campbell "Janus" in Nude/Silver $175.00
2. Jeffrey Campbell "Soiree" in Optic Print Black Patent Clear $119.95
3. Privileged "Beverly" in Aqua $58.95
4. Wild Diva Lounge "Phyllis-32" in Black $33.40
5. Jeffrey Campbell "Dina" in Black $164.95
6. Jeffrey Campbell "Icy Light" in Pewter Flash Clear $259.95

I was probably the first person to seriously hate on this lucite trend that's been slowly creeping upon us for the last 6 months or so. But as the shoes rolled out, I saw some bad, some horrific, and eventually, I started to see some AWESOME. Hopefully the days of clear shoes being synonymous with bad stripper heels are on their way out, because these babies are just gorgeous! Clear elements used in shoes to mess with onlookers' perception of gravity = THE BEST.

What do you think? Are you ready to change your mind about lucite?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Music Monday #55 - Metric


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Knockoff Ninja #30 - Jeffrey Campbell "Lita Cap"

Jeffrey Campbell "Lita Cap" in Black available at Jildor Shoes ($115.50), ShopAkira ($159.90), Need Supply ($160.00), Nasty Gal ($175.00), Envi Shoes ($168.95)

Speed Limit 98 "Yelp" in Black available at AMI Clubwear ($37.99), UrbanOG ($39.20), ZooShoo ($44.00)

Not bad. I loved the original look of the Lita Cap booties when I first happened upon them. These are a pretty decent dupe, the heel shape is just a tiny bit weird. I still can't stand the over-zealous use of faux suede in discount shoes, but oh well. Probably because of where I'm from. Rain will destroy suede, faux suede, what-have-you unless you blast your shoes with Scotchgard the second you get them. Super annoying :c

But! For the rest of the world, it might not be so bad, haha!

What say you?

EDIT: These faux leather ones are perfect! A very, very nice dupe!The restocks don't usually last long, though, so snatch 'em up!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shoes-day Tuesday #43 - ZOMBIE PUMPS

Nixxi Rose "Zombie Flesh Blood and Stitches Platform Heels" $160.00

You guys, we need to talk about these. Are these not the most badass pumps ever?! A Twitter friend pointed me to a source-less picture of them yesterday and I could NOT find them after Googling forever. Of course, they popped up immediately after I screamed for help in the Facebook shoe group I belong to. Pfffttt. I had the feeling that they were handmade, but WOW. Any plans I had to save up and buy a pair of JC Damsel Spikes this month might be conflicting with an uncontrollable urge to acquire these at this point. Yes, seriously!

Check out Nixxi Rose's Etsy and Facebook page for more handmade badassery! I ADORE this chick! <3

HEY! As of today, the majority of the items in Nixxi's shop are half off! THAT'S RIGHT! GOOOOO!!!


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