Friday, January 18, 2013

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 1-18-13

I DIED. (source)
Know what? I just really don't feel like doing links this week. I kind of feel like I'm posting the same shit every week, anyhow. AND I'm severely behind on all my blogs. So let's give the whole thing a break, cool? Cool :D

It's still the beginning of the week as I write this, so not much has happened yet. Last week, however... on Thursday I headed down to Seattle to hang out with Stef, Chivahn, Jessie and Ryan. Started working on another t-shirt surgery and got to take a look at the fabric my custom Idolatre corset is going to be made of! AHHHH I'm so stoked about it! Such a gorgeous fabric (in bright teal, of course!). It's directly inspired by the corset dress Renee is wearing in this shoot, but blue, and regular corset length (without the foofy panniers). OMGICAN'TWAAAAAIIIIITTT.

On Saturday, Sarah and I hung out and went out to this crazy bar in Edmonds filled with a bunch of bro types who were totally wasted and hugging each other. It was really... hilarious.

Other than that, nothing. Just trying to throw together a party for Jade's 2nd birthday (Thursday!). I've also been lamenting about not being in school this quarter :c Seriously, such a bummer.

Oh my god, you guys. I just went and looked back on the last Week In Links post. There have been SO many Instagrams between then and now. Prepare to be assaulted...

Xmas gifts from Chev! A Kat Von D pallette w/ lip glosses and a coffee table book about the history of shoes! <3!
A picture from the photo session my sisters, Jade and I did for dad for xmas! Wow!
Jade on xmas morning, banging his electronic drumsticks on his new guitar. SUCH INNOVATION.
I bought these Ash knockoffs for myself! I seriously live in them! SO COMFY.
I ran around all kinds of stores the two days after xmas looking for the Adventure Time "Jake vs. Me-Mow" dvd JUST so I could have this Finn hat! I was very pleased, obviously!
Jade wanted to check it out, too.
Chev fixed mah hurrs.
Jade and I got sick :c
Being a derp on NYE in my sparkly sweater :D
Jade, bein' mama.
In Edmonds with Surrrrrr.
...highly possessed Surrrr.
Bein' a derp again with my bokeh app :P
That's it! You can go back to your lives now!

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