Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birthday wishes :D

So, my birthday is next Sunday. I am going to be 27 YEARS OLD, HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS. That happened fast! Anyhow! Here's some stuff I'm currently lusting after!

Still lovin' on these REALLY hard. Jeffrey Campbell "Lita Fur" $194.95
OMGOMGOMGOMG Jeffrey Campbell "Lita Black White Stripe" $158.95
Sugarpill "Sweetheart" palette! Or anything Sugarpill, really! (It WOULD be sold out right now! HMMPH!)
A big-ass tattoo!! I'd like to begin a sleeve. Or get the big stupid one on my leg covered...
A huge burger and a beer (or five!) with my love and good friends!
Yep! I don't ask for much, heh! Here's hoping my first birthday outing in two years is full of awesome and badassery! And also that the DMV treats me with kindness Friday morning when I go renew my license (UGH!). Expect a fantastic photodump on Saturday, if my hangover isn't too awful!

xoxo, Bre

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bre's Week In Links/Photodump 8-27-11

Alright, I'm back. Sort of. We're all unpacked, got internet and cable all hooked up, but I'm still needing to reimagine this whole blog and my weekly features. I feel the need to continue with my Week In Links/Photodump posts, though. This is the only feature that currently makes sense to me, heh! Onward!

These Louboutins are incredible.

This eye look is gorgeous, but HOLY GOD, LOOKIT THOSE CONTACTS! I NEED THEM!

UGH I LOVE COLOR ME KATIE. Every post is so pretty!

A mural of picture frames entirely drawn. NEAT.


Photo-realistic paintings of trees. Crazy!

Kaelah gets real. I've actually been seeing a TON of this on all my social networks lately, it's super irritating. This post even kinda prompted my rethinking of my motivation/direction of this blog. Thanks for saying what we're all thinking, lady <3

I really want this dress for my birthday outing next Friday! YES! Finally able to go out for my birthday for the first time in two years! I think we were broke in 2009 and last year I was pregnant, so no fun times were had!


This is it! The one on top is ours XD
Barren living room! And we thought we had a lot of stuff at the old place! WRONG. This place is just sooooo much bigger (and BRIGHTER! Holy god!)!
Some Golden Girls (had a mix-up with our cable package :/) and a Jade getting into trouble!
The "office". We hate the table now, but it's the only place I can feed Jade and work on my jewelry. Looking into getting another desk.
I love our kitchen. It's still on the small side, but the stove doesn't catch on fire. Heh!
And here's little man's room. Sooooo much bigger than the last place!

Got bored yesterday and did this :D
Wrapping up with Jade with shorts on his head. Amazing.
No pictures of our room, 'cause that's the one place we haven't arranged yet. Have to do some heavy-duty scrubbing of my dresser because it started to mold at the old place D: Actually, a lot of stuff started to mold there, so glad we got out.

So that's it! Gonna brainstorm new features this week!

xoxo, Bre

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mourning Market/Moving (i.e. hiatus!)

Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that Mourning Market was loads of fun. I'm entirely too stoked for the event to find a fantastic new venue (Motor is closing :c) and to possibly vend some of my stuff next time! Got a slew of new ideas for stuff, it was pretty inspiring!

Our view all afternoon <3
Here is a Chev peddling her fancy wares! Of course I had to get glare from the ONE window in that place, ha!

Oh, and remember that "Love At First Sight" post featuring Fable & Fury a few weeks back? I totally grabbed up that John Waters necklace! Ahhhh I love it so much! They're super sweet people, as well!

The other half of this post is to explain that not only am I going to be too busy moving this week to put together any of my weekly features (as I type this I'm taking frequent breaks to drag Jade away from boxes! GAH!), I'm also kinda lost as to where exactly this blog is going. So once we're all settled in our new fabulous apartment, I'm going to do a bit of overhauling on this baby. So to whoever may be reading this right now (I love you!), I'll be back, with a vengeance, hopefully in about a week!

xoxo, Bre

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bre's Week In Links/Photodump 8-20-11

It's been a slightly busy week, what with all the packing we've been doing around here. Well, really it's more like Terry's doing the bulk of the packing while I'm chasing after Jade trying to keep him from pulling himself up on the boxes! Ack! We're finally moving out of a notoriously unsafe neighborhood in Everett (we really had no choice moving in because of a lack of rental history on both our parts)!!! Officially out of here on the 24th. I cannot WAIT. The new place is bigger, nicer, quieter, about a million times safer, and a quick stroll away from a really nice park and our usual grocery store! AHHHHH I'm so excited to be able to take Jade outside without worrying! Honestly, I'm excited to take Jade outside, period!

Anyhow, onto the links!

These porcelain skulls are so beautiful!!!

HILARIOUS (via Kaelah)

One of my favorite Tumblrs, hands down.

This blog comes to us via Rachell, it's quickly becoming one of my favorites, as well!

Discovered Tame Impala this week, checking out their newest album now and I very much approve. I'm a sucker for shoegazey-type stuff.

New stuff up in the shop, and more coming this weekend! :D

Ummm... I love this Etsy shop <3

MOURNING MARKET IS TOMORROW AND I'M SO EXCITED. From the looks of Chivahn's Facebook, she's been going insaaaane making new stuff the past week to sell! Are you going? It's freeeee!


7 months old and officially a butt-sitter XD
I think this is my favorite part of the new place. A balcony we'll actually get to USE!
I can't wait to call this home <3
Jade approves.
Took scissors to a couple items of old clothing Friday night. Super stoked about this shirt, it hasn't fit (i.e. shrunk upwards) since 2003 0_o Also, theSTART is my favorite band ever <3
xoxo, Bre!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Love At First Sight #7!

I happened across this shop a loooong time ago, but these little guys are so cute, I just have to feature them. These awesome monsters come from Chelsea Bloxsom's Love And A Sandwich! The Monstroctopus monsters are my favorite! Check out her Facebook fanpage, she frequently posts super neat Star Wars-themed cross stitch stuff! Lovelovelove it!

Facebook - Twitter - Deviantart - Tumblr

xoxo, Bre!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bre's Week In Links/photodump 8-13-11

Why didn't I think of doing something like this with Jade? Never too late...

Came across this shoe blog this week, I know I'm gonna be obsessed...

I am WAY too excited to see more photos from Gala's wedding! I just know it was too damn gorgeous!

I do this EVERY DAY (thanks, Rachell!)

Oh my god, BRILLIANT.

Rachell made a Bre-inspired treasury! AWWWW!!! <3

Mourning Market at Club Motor is approaching! Are you going/vending? Lemme know!

More Frances Bean love.


Met up with my friend Chelsey for drinks on Capitol Hill for her birthday on Sunday. Much hilarity ensued...

Neither Chelsey NOR Shelby could say "lozenges", so her friend Ben had to spell it out!!! HOLY EFF, I WAS DYING. Also, here you can see a fancy mosquito-puppy.

Best birthday drink ever.

Gah, picture was compromised :/ Still, so awesome.

You can kinda see my crazy bangs here. A better picture is in order, though.

Why you so cute?

Mom got Jade a high chair. He's more interested in the box, of course <3

Jade got his first cold and we had to take him to his doctor :c He's doing better than I am, though!

Still feeling like hell. But here's a better view of the bangs!

xoxo, Bre

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Love At First Sight #6!

I'm starting to see a trend here. Every week, it's jewelry! EXCELLENT jewelry, but I think after this week I need to start branching out! Expect new stuff soon! Anyhow...

This week I fell in love with Los Angeles native Vicki Berndt's shop Berndt Offerings. Her "Modern Day Saints collection" is gorgeous! I came across these by way of a front-page treasury featuring Amy Winehouse-related items the day she passed and fell head over heels with the Amy Winehouse rosary! When I paid a visit to the shop and also discovered things like the Exene Cervenka and David Bowie pendants, it was love. What incredible talent!

Site - Facebook

Go to her site and check out her Debbie Harry painting! Now THAT I'd like to see on a pendant!

xoxo, Bre!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Show Some Love is live!

Show Some Love is live at No Mark At All! Go check it out! #showsomelove

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bre's Week In Links/photodump 8-6-11

How GORGEOUS is this makeup look?! Absolutely flawless!

I love this post (and this blog!), Rachel's rants are hilarious!

This blog chronicling the life/process of a shoe designer is so incredible. LOVE IT.

This homemade popsicle inspiration guest post over at Skunkboy Creatures! I so desperately want to make avocado popsicles now!!!

Ariana shared how she makes her product photos so fancy! Also, check out her shop, her stuff is super cute!

A lot of people don't get my humor, but it can pretty much be summed up in this video. It keeps popping in my head at random and I lose my mind with laughter (PAY DAH BAHB!)

This video of a mariachi band serenading a beluga made my month!!!

BEST. ONESIE. EVER. (thanks to Petite Insanities!)

Hooray for Kaelah's business plans falling into place! I'm super excited for her! <3

Mini photodump time!

Perfection! Hanging out at our friends' barbeque on the 30th.

I love these flip-flops! I can't believe they've held up for over a year! Pretty awesome for $5 Target clearance! Also, holy crap, I actually painted my toenails!

What's this "grass" business?!

He's gonna stand up like tomorrow, I swear D:

My little man is already in his size 3 Chucks D: D: He's growing up too fast!!! SLOW DOWN!
xoxo, Bre!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Love At First Sight #5!

Alright, I don't quite have it in me to whip out Photoshop this time, as I am braindead from my Anatomy class :| So here we go, a short-but-sweet L@FS!

(So, I did it anyway. Of course. I am so OCD. Gah!)

You guys. HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT JOHN WATERS NECKLACE?! I need it. In the very near future. This thing is so effing awesome I can't even contain myself right now! An honorable mention is the Hunter S. Thompson necklace. TO DIE FOR. I love that everything is stainless steel. So unique!

And guess what? FableAndFury is Seattle-based! Knowing that such badass taste is so close to home warms my little heart! And guess what else? FableAndFury has a table at the upcoming Mourning Market at Club Motor I'll be helping my friend Chivahn vend at August 21st! I'll be sure to bring some extra cash, I definitely need to grab up some stuff! <3

Website - Facebook - Twitter

Any more John Waters fanatics out there?

xoxo, Bre

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shoes-day Tuesday #3 - Wedges!

1. Ego and Greed "Svan" in black and pink $114.95
2. Jeffrey Campbell "Darian" in purple cosmic $144.95
3. Turquoise Platform Wedges UNKNOWN (HALP!)
4. Jeffrey Campbell "Orbit 2" in Pink Cosmic $154.95
5. Jeffrey Campbell "Zup" in black $174.95
6. Sole Boutique "The Sweet Thing" in plum $146

Jeffrey Campbell and I are getting married, you guys. And if anyone knows where that turquoise wedge came from, LET ME KNOW! (Update 11/8/12: Decided that these are likely a DIY creation consisting of recovered stripper wedges!)

Show Some Love!

Hey everybody, just wanted to share a little project I'm involved in over at No Mark At All this month! It's called "Show Some Love" and it's all about the blogs we admire! There's even a giveaway! Full details will be up on the 7th, but for now you can check out this teaser!

xoxo, Bre


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