Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bre's Week In Links/Photodump 8-20-11

It's been a slightly busy week, what with all the packing we've been doing around here. Well, really it's more like Terry's doing the bulk of the packing while I'm chasing after Jade trying to keep him from pulling himself up on the boxes! Ack! We're finally moving out of a notoriously unsafe neighborhood in Everett (we really had no choice moving in because of a lack of rental history on both our parts)!!! Officially out of here on the 24th. I cannot WAIT. The new place is bigger, nicer, quieter, about a million times safer, and a quick stroll away from a really nice park and our usual grocery store! AHHHHH I'm so excited to be able to take Jade outside without worrying! Honestly, I'm excited to take Jade outside, period!

Anyhow, onto the links!

These porcelain skulls are so beautiful!!!

HILARIOUS (via Kaelah)

One of my favorite Tumblrs, hands down.

This blog comes to us via Rachell, it's quickly becoming one of my favorites, as well!

Discovered Tame Impala this week, checking out their newest album now and I very much approve. I'm a sucker for shoegazey-type stuff.

New stuff up in the shop, and more coming this weekend! :D

Ummm... I love this Etsy shop <3

MOURNING MARKET IS TOMORROW AND I'M SO EXCITED. From the looks of Chivahn's Facebook, she's been going insaaaane making new stuff the past week to sell! Are you going? It's freeeee!


7 months old and officially a butt-sitter XD
I think this is my favorite part of the new place. A balcony we'll actually get to USE!
I can't wait to call this home <3
Jade approves.
Took scissors to a couple items of old clothing Friday night. Super stoked about this shirt, it hasn't fit (i.e. shrunk upwards) since 2003 0_o Also, theSTART is my favorite band ever <3
xoxo, Bre!

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