Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birthday wishes :D

So, my birthday is next Sunday. I am going to be 27 YEARS OLD, HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS. That happened fast! Anyhow! Here's some stuff I'm currently lusting after!

Still lovin' on these REALLY hard. Jeffrey Campbell "Lita Fur" $194.95
OMGOMGOMGOMG Jeffrey Campbell "Lita Black White Stripe" $158.95
Sugarpill "Sweetheart" palette! Or anything Sugarpill, really! (It WOULD be sold out right now! HMMPH!)
A big-ass tattoo!! I'd like to begin a sleeve. Or get the big stupid one on my leg covered...
A huge burger and a beer (or five!) with my love and good friends!
Yep! I don't ask for much, heh! Here's hoping my first birthday outing in two years is full of awesome and badassery! And also that the DMV treats me with kindness Friday morning when I go renew my license (UGH!). Expect a fantastic photodump on Saturday, if my hangover isn't too awful!

xoxo, Bre


  1. I know it's not today... its on the 4th. Just to clarify.



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