Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bre's Week In Links/Photodump 8-27-11

Alright, I'm back. Sort of. We're all unpacked, got internet and cable all hooked up, but I'm still needing to reimagine this whole blog and my weekly features. I feel the need to continue with my Week In Links/Photodump posts, though. This is the only feature that currently makes sense to me, heh! Onward!

These Louboutins are incredible.

This eye look is gorgeous, but HOLY GOD, LOOKIT THOSE CONTACTS! I NEED THEM!

UGH I LOVE COLOR ME KATIE. Every post is so pretty!

A mural of picture frames entirely drawn. NEAT.


Photo-realistic paintings of trees. Crazy!

Kaelah gets real. I've actually been seeing a TON of this on all my social networks lately, it's super irritating. This post even kinda prompted my rethinking of my motivation/direction of this blog. Thanks for saying what we're all thinking, lady <3

I really want this dress for my birthday outing next Friday! YES! Finally able to go out for my birthday for the first time in two years! I think we were broke in 2009 and last year I was pregnant, so no fun times were had!


This is it! The one on top is ours XD
Barren living room! And we thought we had a lot of stuff at the old place! WRONG. This place is just sooooo much bigger (and BRIGHTER! Holy god!)!
Some Golden Girls (had a mix-up with our cable package :/) and a Jade getting into trouble!
The "office". We hate the table now, but it's the only place I can feed Jade and work on my jewelry. Looking into getting another desk.
I love our kitchen. It's still on the small side, but the stove doesn't catch on fire. Heh!
And here's little man's room. Sooooo much bigger than the last place!

Got bored yesterday and did this :D
Wrapping up with Jade with shorts on his head. Amazing.
No pictures of our room, 'cause that's the one place we haven't arranged yet. Have to do some heavy-duty scrubbing of my dresser because it started to mold at the old place D: Actually, a lot of stuff started to mold there, so glad we got out.

So that's it! Gonna brainstorm new features this week!

xoxo, Bre

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  1. Oh it looks so nice!! I'll have to stop by soon with your birthday present! Send me your address!



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