Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Halp! I'm lost!

Heylookitmahfridge. And... elbow?
Hey, guys. Just wanted to drop in and say that I'm still here, but still pretty lost as to what I wanna do with my blog! I've been mulling it over and still kinda coming up with the same sort of features. I wish I had a more clear idea of what I wanted to put out into the internets! Maybe I'm overthinking it. I have a tendency to do that- I AM a Virgo. But it still feels so... jumbled. An Etsy shop promo one day, but I'm not a promoter. A collection of shoes I'll never, ever be able to afford another, but this is far from a fashion blog (although hunting down fabulous shoes is one of my favorite things ever!)! I know for sure I want to share a bit every week about Jade in the photodumps and whatnot, but I definitely don't want to take the plunge into Mommy Blog land. While I thoroughly enjoy reading a couple of Mommy Blogs, I don't want to plaster my son's entire life all over the internet. Just not very comfortable with that concept (NOT judging anyone who does! It's just not for us :D)

Soooo... I dunno! Thoughts? Suggestions? If anybody has a really great blogging e-course I should check out, or something along those lines, please send it my way! I don't want to abandon this blog, I'm just at a total loss for inspiration at the moment!

xoxo, Bre

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  1. has a ton of good resources for focusing content. Might need to scroll back quite a ways but check it all out. It's a really great resource. Tons of links, etc...



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