Wednesday, September 7, 2011

6 Things I'm Loving!

6 things I am LOVING right now (could this evolve into something more? Maybe! Trying things on...)

6. Caffeine. This goes without saying. This morning I couldn't think of fully functioning until I drove to my old neighborhood just to get a great deal on two Monsters. Ha! The one downside of the new neighborhood is that none of the stores have 2 for $3 Monsters! That's okay, though, I'd rather not fear for our safety!

5. Driving! Something I never really get sick of. And it's been so fabulous outside lately that it's been even more enjoyable! Super thankful for my AC, too!

4. Anticipating all my favorite shows' new seasons! I almost can't take it anymore! Parks & Rec, SNL, Workaholics, Family Guy...
3. Salivating over every new Jeffrey Campbell shoe this season. ESPECIALLY THE PEWTER LITAS HOLY GOD.

The gorgeous view out the window on my birthday morning!
2. Our new apartment! I love it soooo much. We feel so safe and unconfined here. Our neighbors are friendly, quiet, and generally keep to themselves, the laundry room is always available, and best of all, there are no obnoxious little kids running around, staring in our windows! It's been the best apartment experience I've had in my life so far! LOVE IT!

1. My lovely Terry. My birthday outing didn't quite go as planned, but he did his best to make it awesome and I love him dearly for it. Thank you for you, sir <3

What are you guys all about this week?

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