Thursday, September 8, 2011


Super looking forward to this afternoon. One of my best friends, Chivahn, works insane 12 hour days in her salon, so occasionally I drive to her adorable little place in Fremont (near Queen Anne in Seattle) and help her out with housework and organize all her stuff. It may sound crazy, but I really, really enjoy this. I love my boy with all my heart, but sometimes mama needs a break. It may seem even MORE crazy that I spend the majority of these "breaks" cleaning someone else's house, but, like I said yesterday, I am the epitome of a Virgo. Cleaning, sorting, organizing and putting stuff away is total zen time for Bre. Not to mention the drive is usually pretty relaxing if I don't hit any traffic, and I usually don't because I like to get there early. Today I might get stuck on I-5 because I have to wait until Terry wakes up this afternoon so he can watch Jade :/ This needs some explanation...

My fiance, Terry, is on this crazy-ass rotating schedule at his job. He works Monday and Tuesday, has Wednesday and Thursday off, then works Friday-Tuesday, gets Wednesday-Sunday off, and the cycle starts again. Ridiculous, right? It gets worse. Not only is every single shift 12 HOURS, but every two months he swaps shifts between day shift and graveyard. It. Is. Awful. He's on graveyard right now, which naturally means he sleeps all day. So if I want to do anything by myself during the day (and it's not the weekend when my mom can hang out with Jade), I really can't. I have to wait until Terry wakes up anywhere from 3-5pm. The only good part of this schedule of gnarliness is that he gets 5 days off in a row every two weeks (which he's in right now), so Jade can spend an extended amount of time hanging out with his dad. Not so much on graveyard shift, though. It's heartbreaking when we wake up at 7am, Terry walks in the door at 7:30-ish and pretty much has to go right to bed. I'm definitely grateful for his job, it has landed us in this amazing new apartment, kept us fed and warm and overall pretty comfortable, but it's still pretty rough at the same time! We all miss each other quite a bit.

So, now you can probably see why I look so forward to getting out of the house as little as I do, heh! Our schedules are just... insane, and barely line up with anyone else we know, so ANY sort of me time or friend time is welcomed with open arms.

Do you guys deal with ass-backwards schedules? How do you cope?

xoxo, Bre

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