Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bre's Week In Links/photodump 8-6-11

How GORGEOUS is this makeup look?! Absolutely flawless!

I love this post (and this blog!), Rachel's rants are hilarious!

This blog chronicling the life/process of a shoe designer is so incredible. LOVE IT.

This homemade popsicle inspiration guest post over at Skunkboy Creatures! I so desperately want to make avocado popsicles now!!!

Ariana shared how she makes her product photos so fancy! Also, check out her shop, her stuff is super cute!

A lot of people don't get my humor, but it can pretty much be summed up in this video. It keeps popping in my head at random and I lose my mind with laughter (PAY DAH BAHB!)

This video of a mariachi band serenading a beluga made my month!!!

BEST. ONESIE. EVER. (thanks to Petite Insanities!)

Hooray for Kaelah's business plans falling into place! I'm super excited for her! <3

Mini photodump time!

Perfection! Hanging out at our friends' barbeque on the 30th.

I love these flip-flops! I can't believe they've held up for over a year! Pretty awesome for $5 Target clearance! Also, holy crap, I actually painted my toenails!

What's this "grass" business?!

He's gonna stand up like tomorrow, I swear D:

My little man is already in his size 3 Chucks D: D: He's growing up too fast!!! SLOW DOWN!
xoxo, Bre!

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