Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Love At First Sight #5!

Alright, I don't quite have it in me to whip out Photoshop this time, as I am braindead from my Anatomy class :| So here we go, a short-but-sweet L@FS!

(So, I did it anyway. Of course. I am so OCD. Gah!)

You guys. HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT JOHN WATERS NECKLACE?! I need it. In the very near future. This thing is so effing awesome I can't even contain myself right now! An honorable mention is the Hunter S. Thompson necklace. TO DIE FOR. I love that everything is stainless steel. So unique!

And guess what? FableAndFury is Seattle-based! Knowing that such badass taste is so close to home warms my little heart! And guess what else? FableAndFury has a table at the upcoming Mourning Market at Club Motor I'll be helping my friend Chivahn vend at August 21st! I'll be sure to bring some extra cash, I definitely need to grab up some stuff! <3

Website - Facebook - Twitter

Any more John Waters fanatics out there?

xoxo, Bre



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