Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bre's Week In Links/photodump 8-13-11

Why didn't I think of doing something like this with Jade? Never too late...

Came across this shoe blog this week, I know I'm gonna be obsessed...

I am WAY too excited to see more photos from Gala's wedding! I just know it was too damn gorgeous!

I do this EVERY DAY (thanks, Rachell!)

Oh my god, BRILLIANT.

Rachell made a Bre-inspired treasury! AWWWW!!! <3

Mourning Market at Club Motor is approaching! Are you going/vending? Lemme know!

More Frances Bean love.


Met up with my friend Chelsey for drinks on Capitol Hill for her birthday on Sunday. Much hilarity ensued...

Neither Chelsey NOR Shelby could say "lozenges", so her friend Ben had to spell it out!!! HOLY EFF, I WAS DYING. Also, here you can see a fancy mosquito-puppy.

Best birthday drink ever.

Gah, picture was compromised :/ Still, so awesome.

You can kinda see my crazy bangs here. A better picture is in order, though.

Why you so cute?

Mom got Jade a high chair. He's more interested in the box, of course <3

Jade got his first cold and we had to take him to his doctor :c He's doing better than I am, though!

Still feeling like hell. But here's a better view of the bangs!

xoxo, Bre

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