Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shoes-day Tuesday #43 - ZOMBIE PUMPS

Nixxi Rose "Zombie Flesh Blood and Stitches Platform Heels" $160.00

You guys, we need to talk about these. Are these not the most badass pumps ever?! A Twitter friend pointed me to a source-less picture of them yesterday and I could NOT find them after Googling forever. Of course, they popped up immediately after I screamed for help in the Facebook shoe group I belong to. Pfffttt. I had the feeling that they were handmade, but WOW. Any plans I had to save up and buy a pair of JC Damsel Spikes this month might be conflicting with an uncontrollable urge to acquire these at this point. Yes, seriously!

Check out Nixxi Rose's Etsy and Facebook page for more handmade badassery! I ADORE this chick! <3

HEY! As of today, the majority of the items in Nixxi's shop are half off! THAT'S RIGHT! GOOOOO!!!

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