Monday, January 7, 2013

Music Monday #54 - Metric

So, I'm not sure what freaking rock I've been living under, but I never got a chance to get into Metric until last week. As I listened to their entire discography, I realized I used to hear a handful of their songs when I worked at Guess from 2006-2008, but never found out the artist. Brandon, Terry and I were watching Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World on Christmas and when Brandon mentioned that the song "Black Sheep" that The Clash at Demonhead plays was originally by Metric, I was all over it. Stuck every song I had downloaded about a year prior (and apparently immediately forgot about) onto my phone and listened constantly in my car.

Have you ever been totally oblivious to a well-established band and wanted to kick yourself when you discovered them years later? Because I've done this before (hello, Human Waste Project!) and I CAN'T be the only one! PLEASE TELL ME I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE! *sob*

Anyhow, add me on!

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