Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mini Holiday Hiatus: Over!

Jade the Human!

Man, it's been a while. Since the 21st, I believe? I was AFK, armed only with my phone for about two weeks and I'm firmly against blogging when I'm unable to properly format posts with fancy images :P

The holidays were the best we've had in a while. First we celebrated with Terry's family in Camano Island on the 23rd. Had to talk Terry out of buying a $95 prime rib bigger than Jade for the occasion *eyeroll*

On the 24th, we trekked up to rural Granite Falls to have dinner with my dad and his whole side of the family, which was the first holiday we've had together in 10 years. It was amazing and I got some super thoughtful gifts from my dad and stepmom. Nearly brought me to tears <3

On Christmas we headed up to my grandparents house for dinner and festivities. Much hot buttered rum and Scott Pilgrim was had. Later on, Terry, my brother Brandon and I decided to head out to a bar. Which bar would anyone ever think of being open on Christmas evening? Why, a gay bar, of course! Shot some pool at Bar Myx and discovered the deliciousness of the Cactus Apple, which I'll be ordering many more of in the future.

Overall: a blasty blast all around. The only bad news of the past few weeks is that my financial aid got all screwed up (when they had like 5 months to have me correct it, but only gave me a month with a ton of holidays in it), so it's looking like I'll be dropping all my classes this quarter. HUGE bummer, but I can't really justify taking out any student loans at this point. Oh well. Either Spring quarter or Fall, I'm all over it.

Over the next week I'll share some pictures of some awesome shoes I got, but for now I just wanted to assure you guys that I'm still alive and definitely not abandoning le blawg!

Hope you guys had a great holiday season! <3

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