Friday, December 21, 2012

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 12-21-12

Jade met Santa, but was unamused, haha! Excuse my rain-drenched hair!

Or not.

I missed last week's Links post, but you guys really didn't miss out on much. What WAS awesome was checking out Jello Underground's last show of the year at Spitfire last Saturday, which my friend Sarah is a part of (a.k.a. "Cotton Candy Queen"). She almost took the whole goddamn title, but it was a tie, then a super close final match and the newcomer won (photos, slightly NSFW!). Still, SUCH entertainment! The next show will be at the Rendevous on January 12th. I highly recommend it, you can get advance tickets through Brown Paper Tickets :D

Other than that, I've been running back and forth to EvCC trying to get my financial aid sorted, taking Jade to meet Santa (who is really Terry's uncle, haha!), just cranked out three commissioned slouchy hats in two days (!!!), and I'm looking forward to hanging out with Chev, Ryan and Stef tonight! It's been a while!



 This editorial in Bullet Magazine is pretty sweet in a slightly spooky sort of way. Totally love it.

 The Hundreds x Cool World collab! Do you guys remember this movie? I was waaayyyy too young to have seen it at 8 years old, but I was totally obsessed with Holli Would! Viva la '90s!!!

 Buffalo has teamed up with Solestruck. *dead*

 These calendars featuring animals photoshopped into celebs is way too hilarious!

 This metallic Sharpie nail art is awesome! Can't wait to try!

Jade was cute.
...A LOT.

Until next week! Should have an onslaught of holiday photos for you to roll your eyes at! WOOO!

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