Friday, January 25, 2013

Bre's Week (also, Instagrams!) 1-25-13

So, I have a new car! I was cut a pretty generous check on Wednesday for my totaled car and immediately started scouring good ol' Craigslist for something fancy. On Friday, Grampa (the ultimate auto & aviation mechanic/gearhead for sport) and I went to take a look at this 2002 Corolla at a used car lot in South Everett, but ended up totally digging a 1995 Nissan Sentra instead. Totally stoked on it! The only drawback is that it's a manual; I haven't driven one in over a decade and I wasn't so good at it then, haha! Gotta get a ton of practice in over the weekend! BUT! The upside of having a manual is, of course, that it gets insane gas mileage, which is SUPER important to me because I spend a fair amount of time driving to Seattle. I was elated to find out that it averaged 34 mpg highway (28 mpg combined)! WOOHOOO!

Jade's 2 year birthweek was great! He had a party every night for four days! It was so funny, I was actually afraid that he'd think he was gonna have cake every night from now on! Thursday we stayed in and I made a cake, which Terry accidentally dropped on the floor, so he ended up making the second one. Stuffed our faces and lazed about.

Friday we had a party at Gramma and Grampa's house with my mom and step-dad. Meatloaf, mashed 'tatoes and chocolate angel food cake! AMAZING!

Saturday we went out to mexican in North Everett with Terry's family, which was a total blast. A bunch of dudes came up out of NOWHERE, started singing and put a giant sombrero on Jade, effectively scaring the crap out of everyone.

Sunday we had a little party over at my dad's house with cupcakes and a tiny boy running rampant. Played an especially hysterical game of 21 Questions with my sisters, their boyfriends and my cousins. NOBODY KNOWS WHO JAMES BROWN IS. I felt really old, heh!

So Jade had a blast and was full of sugar and overloaded with gifts for almost a week straight. Lucky guy <3

In other, less exciting news, I took advantage of a super gnarly sale at Iron Fist on Sunday evening, where I scored the Ruff Rider combat boots, Starry Night platforms and Ray Play peep-toe flats for an unbelievable $36 after applying my rewards points. Totally excited to get all those, I'm hoping by Saturday, maybe Monday at the latest! *squee!*

Got off my lazy ass and made breakfast for Jade's birthday! Haha! Bacon pancakes <3
Jade's birthday cake! This was actually the second one, the first one ended up on the floor. HA. WHAT. A. WEEK.
Super pretty sunset from the Albertsons parking lot.
Snuggle time <3
My dad, stepmom, sisters AND AN ANGSTY 14 YEAR OLD BRE XD
It's been foggy here pretty much non-stop for the past 4 or 5 days. GAH.
Until next week! I'll let you all know about my progress with learning to drive stick ;D

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