Friday, April 20, 2012

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 4-20-12

Srsly. (source)

 Spray can art. Gorgeous.

 Dads are the original hipsters. So funny.

 DIY ketchup, mustard, and  mayo. Sounds AMAZING.

 Handpainted trash cans at Coachella. Loving that eyeball and tentacle one!

 Check out this gorgeous iridescent art installation.

 Pantone Angry Birds!

 Ombre nails tutorial! I really wish I had more opportunities to paint my nails, I LOVE this.

 Kaelah did another cocktail post. I'm dying to try the Undercurrent because I have an unhealthy obsession with blue beverages :D

 Shoe discounts good for today only! GOGOGO!

 Solestruck put up some new Night Walks today! THE TURQUOISE. I CAN'T.

 Win a $500 shopping spree at Solestruck courtesy of The Zoe Report!

 Okay, SERIOUSLY. Twinkie Chan's craft room again. I AM SEETHING WITH JEALOUS RAGE!

Instagram dump time!

I actually sorted out a ton of my yarn and stuff this last week (AND finally learned to use my serger!), you can't really tell, but here's a peek at my craft area:

The hat stack keeps growing, too! More hats go up on Etsy tonight!

Here's what it looks like as of Thursday afternoon. Ack!

Here is an uber-hipster Jade.
Terry and I went out for much-needed drinks the other night. One of my three double whiskey sours, ha!

Today I'm packing up Jade to go visit my Gramma and do crafty things :D Stoked to get out of the apartment! Yay!

Until next week,

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