Monday, October 10, 2011

Hooray! Crochet!

So, some fun stuff happened this past week. We bought a new gigantic sectional, which is being delivered any moment now(!!!), I got good and liquored up at Chivahn's 25th birthday party in Shoreline Saturday night (much needed!), and I learned to crochet! Like, actually learned how to do it so I can make stuff other than endless chains of nothing. Heh! So I knew how to chain and I was probably capable of making a scarf. I tried teaching myself how to do a hat by way of the internet, but it didn't translate well for me, so my Gramma showed me how to do it in about 10 seconds! Now I'm making a fancy cloche hat for my Halloween costume. I'm going to be a flapper! I had originally bought one of those sequin bands with a feather on it (and promptly returned it), but then I delved more into flapper history and realized that in EVERY PICTURE, they're wearing cloches! Soooo, I dunno what that's all about. Anyhow, I'm about halfway done, just need to crochet the brim now!

I love how I wasn't sure what size hook to get because I hadn't found a pattern yet, so I just went for my favorite color. It was maybe half a mm off! Heh! Love how that worked out.

Did you guys learn to do anything neat lately?

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