Thursday, November 29, 2012

Knockoff Ninja #27 - Jeffrey Campbell "Edea"

Jeffrey Campbell "Edea" in Black available at Solestruck ($209.95 $144.95), Karmaloop ($206.00 $154.95), Nordstrom ($219.95), Revolve Clothing ($225.00), Urban Outfitters ($230.00)
Nature Breeze "Dana-08" in Black available at Make Me Chic ($32.50)

These dupes are the centerpoint of this week's should-I-buy-or-should-I-not dilemma. I was pretty late to the sneaker wedge party (or, "snedge", as the ladies in my FB shoe group call 'em, haha!). I flat-out didn't like the look of the first wave of styles that were being put out last spring. It wasn't until I actually saw a cheap pair on UrbanOG recently that I started to like them at all. I HAVE HIGH SNEDGE STANDARDS.

First of all, the wedge has got to be completely covered, or else what's really the point? They're supposed to add height in a sneaky manner, but if you can clearly see the wedge, it cheapens the whole look. I prefer them to look like actual sneakers, as opposed to a sneaker with a wedge lazily slapped on. (Example)

Second, the wedge has to be fairly wide. The pairs featuring a severely tapered wedge just look strange to me from behind (the UrbanOG ones I linked above are an exception because they are so cute in all other aspects).

Third, NO WEIRD COLORBLOCKING! I don't know about you guys, but I am really over this trend. I was over it before it started, but it looks like it's not going anywhere for a while. That makes me go :c (Example, especially the pink/black/cognac)

So, what do you guys think of this week's shoe? Kind of a huge departure from the kind of shoes I usually pick apart, but I think these are great. They look really comfy and are super similar to JC's version. I could see these in a violent showdown for my attention against my black and grey zebra print lo-top chucks. I'd get a ton of wear out of 'em.

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