Friday, November 30, 2012

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 11-30-12

Another fairly uneventful week, spent a lot of time with Terry, who had a huge chunk of vacation, for a change. Did some cleaning for Chivahn, but mostly just hung out and watched a lot of Netflix, haha!

Got my first ever pair of Jeffrey Campbells on Wednesday, which Terry scored for me during Nasty Gal's Black Friday blowout. $70.50 for Lita Spikes, can you effing believe that?! I love them to death and I can't wait to wear them out! Thinking I'm going to grab all my dupes and do a physical comparison post now that I have nearly every knockoff on hand :D

Got back into the DIY thing Thursday night, altered some surprisingly decent jeans I scored from a clearance rack at Walmart, and finally cut up a Rob Zombie tour shirt I bought at Mayhem Fest 2 1/2 years ago! Stoked to build an outfit around it, although I won't really be able to wear it out because it's pretty crass, haha! I'll wear it to a bar some night or something.

In more serious bsns news, I've been on the celexa I mentioned before for exactly two weeks and I'm seeing a pretty considerable difference in the mood and anxiety department. I've noticed that I've been a lot less sad, overall, which is of course the main outcome I was going for. But Thursday night, as I was tackling all these alteration projects, I was blown away that I was actually getting anything done. I have a huge problem with being anxious and overly critical of myself. It really shows when I attempt any project wherein there's a risk that I might destroy something that can't be replaced, i.e. old, out-of-print t-shirts. I can't begin to tell you how many t-shirt surgeries and half-finished sewing projects I have lying around all over the earth because I got too worried I'd mess it up. But last night, that thought never crossed my mind. When I finally realized that, I was so pleased. Maybe this will re-open my creative outlet. I'll report back on that :D


 Ya know, I'd heard of this trick before, but never actually tried it. I HAVE BEEN TRANSFORMED. Lining the upper waterline is now in my daily makeup regimen. My teeny eyelashes look INSANE. Also, shoutout to MAC Fluidliners! Totally one of my holy grail products!

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Snuggles :3
Got my craft on with some t-shirt surgery. Turned out super awesome!

Until next week!

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