Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Shoes-day Tuesday #49 - Currently Obsessed

1. StyLuxe "Ninja" in Green $34.99
2. UNIF "MaryChains" in Black $245.00
3. Red Kiss "Rocky" in Light Mint $73.40
4. Privileged "Kempton" in Black $89.99
5. Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" in Oil Slick $176.00
6. Y.R.U. "Qozmo Hi" in Cheetah $90.00

You know when you see something so amazing, you do that sharp inhale/gasp thing? Maybe it's just me; my boyfriend hates it. Anyhow, I totally did that when I saw the "Kempton" by Privileged pop up on their Instagram. HARD. I haven't been so obsessed with a shoe since I first saw the Jeffrey Campbell "Vicious Ex" in Leopard. Seriously. I still don't even have those damn shoes!

All the rest are fabulous, but that goes without saying. I've been loving the Oil Slick Litas, too. Gorgeous!

Which ones can't you live without?

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