Friday, May 24, 2013

Bre's Week/Instagrams 5-24-13

HERE IT IS! The final edit from the Fuchsia Phoenix shoot last month!!! <3 Can't even believe this is me! (Photo by JLD Imagery)
Gahhhhh, Friday, you nasty b-word...

Was looking forward to hanging out with Sarah and Joey one last time and ALSO receiving some much-needed fundage today. Are those things going to happen? Nope :c Also, yesterday in Mount Vernon, a bridge on I-5 collapsed after a oversized truck hit it. AND my mom blew a tire on the freeway on the way to come pick up Jade D: Just... gnarliness all around. Some friends are also going through some bad stuff. No good!

I don't mean to make this whole post a bitchfest, but man!

Tuesday night was dive bar time with Sarah and Joey, where I somehow got drunk enough to be talked into doing karaoke. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. Well, my friend Mike and I got wasted one time and tried to do "Killer Queen" by Queen together, but I don't count that because we didn't even know the lyrics. Not even joking.

Aaaaaand last night was the final shindig with Sarah and Joey (well, until they visit). Had a couple beers with some other friends in their backyard and discussed the mechanics of me being stuffed into a box in their U-Haul for two days. Haha. Gonna miss those guys soooo, sooo much :c

Anyhow. I've compiled a list of retailers that are having big sales this weekend, 'cause I love you guys that much <3
  • AMI Clubwear: 35% off sitewide with AMIMD35
  • Edge of Urge: 25% off sitewide (some exclusions) with READY
  • Go Jane: 25% off sitewide (excludes giftcards) with MEMORIAL25
  • Heels: 20% off with VALOR
  • Make Me Chic: 25% off (some sale exclusions) with MWKEND25
  • Romwe: 20% off select items
  • Tilted Sole: $15 off $75+ with MDW2013
  • UNIF: 30% off with ZERODORK30
  • UrbanOG: 25% off new items with ALLNEW25
Any I'm missing? Leave codes in the comments and I'll add 'em to the list!

Added more art to le art wall.Matchy matchy!I heart my Romwe leggings so hard.Jade got to play some real drums!NEW SPIKEY HEADBANDBest leggings evar!Best Britney Spears karaoke EVER!Last gratuitous dive bar bathroom shot for a while.Jade woke me up like this....who knows. It amused me!

Don't forget to enter my Oasap giveaway, guys!



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