Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Knockoff Ninja #2 - Jeffrey Campbell "Rockstar"

As you guys may have noticed, the heelless thing is getting pretty huge in the more affordable price points in the last few weeks. So this means I'll be hunting them down. A lot. And I'll be rambling about a metric sh*t-ton of them right here :D

This week, we have the Jeffrey Campbell "Rockstar" heelless wedge, which is this bad boy:

Jeffrey Campbell "Rockstar" available at Envishoes ($179), Nasty Gal ($195)

The brand Bumper has put out a knockoff that is preeeeetty similar, except for the uncovered platform and that super-crescent shaped wedge I'm always on about:

Bumper "Qoors04" Silver Heelless Wedge available at Make Me Chic ($40.40), UrbanOG ($39.20) and Go Jane ($47.40)

What do you think? I honestly didn't even notice the lack of covered wedge until I looked at them side by side here, so I don't think that's enough to deter me. The orange and purple counterparts are a definite no (I personally HATE the colorblocking trend that's so huge right now!!! UGH!), but these aren't so bad in my book. That "sculpted wedge", though! It still bothers me. It looks like instead of being heelless, they had a bite taken out of the back. And they look too... alien or sci-fi or something. Still, not awful, just a tiny bit bothersome. But not bothersome enough for the $100+ off :D

EDIT: Know what? I ran across some even BETTER knockoffs thanks to a shoe community I love dearly on Facebook (thanks Molli!). These babies are GORGEOUS:

Privileged "Solemate" in black available at YCMC ($29.97), Go Jane ($65), and Karmaloop ($70)

I think I prefer these even over the Rockstars, they look more wearable in a monochrome, even as crazy as they are. I'm salivating, I really need these now. The turquoise is obviously great, too!

See "Rockstar" part two here, and check out my review of the Solemate shoe here!

Until next week!

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