Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Privileged "Solemate" Test Drive/Review

Striped dolman: Kohl's Jeans: Ross Wedges:  c/o
Now, I'm by no means any sort of photographer, but I knew I had to build an outfit around these insane, massive heelless shoes (my first pair!!!) and document it for the world. I had some downtime during Jade's nap on Monday, so I figured I'd take advantage of my Gramma's fancypants front porch during a rare overcast afternoon.

Peep-toe with exposed wood platform detail (please excuse my pedicure).
This is my favorite sweater, ever. Evereverever.

So, these shoes are nuts. They most definitely take some getting used to. As I understand it, the wedge on these is a lot narrower lengthwise than the usual heelless shoes. If you compare them to the shoe these are inspired by, the Jeffrey Campbell "Rockstar", you'll see how the bottom of the sculpted wedge on that particular shoe flares to the back a bit more, meaning there's more overall surface area to the sole. That being said, for the first little while you wear these, you are hyper-aware of the fact that there's no heel and walk a little funny to compensate, but once you realize they're totally stable, you'll ease off a bit. Just don't put too much weight on your heels, for the love of god! Other than that, these are surprisingly lightweight, true to size and pretty darn comfortable, considering just how high the arch is. I can't wait to take these for a spin at my local gay bar, haha!

  • Platform: 2 inches
  • "Heel" height: 6.5 inches
  • Fit: true to size
  • Man-made materials
Most retailers have been out of the popular sizes in this shoe for months, but YCMC has a considerable amount left in black, coral, and taupe here. Best of all, they're on sale AND you can take 15% off with the code BYTHETHROAT! Woooo!


  1. I LOVE the look of Heel-less shoes, but I am SO clutzy I think I would kill myself...

    1. These ones were a little tricky. I kept saying I wanted to wear them out drinking one night, but I'm kind of afraid to! The other pair I have that are knockoff Night Walks, on the other hand, feel exactly like any regular wedge shoe and are totally booze-safe, haha!



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