Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shoes-day Tuesday #20

I haven't been near a computer with Photoshop this past week, so I'll just do a feature on these ones I've been lusting after, even if they're super cheap, they're actually pretty darn cute:
1. Bumper Qoors03 Heelless Platforms $35.00

They've got that kinda weird ultra-crescent shape going on on the back of the wedge that I've mentioned before, but I think the straps more than make up for it. And at that price point, can you really say 'nay'?! I was heavily debating whether or not I was gonna sntach 'em up, but alas, no more 8s! There are a few others up on MMC right now that are cute, as well. The purple and turquoise booties are pretty fab, and they're very nicely shaped. Decisions!

What do you think, am I a crazy person for straying from Mr. Jeffrey Campbell? Haha!

Until next week!

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