Thursday, September 27, 2012

Knockoff Ninja #18 - Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" part 2!

EDIT 11/7/12: Please see my DWD Shoes review/warning here.

EDIT 10/25/12: I am no longer receiving responses when I inquire about my exchange. Please do not order from DWD Shoes/Discount Womens Dress Shoes!

EDIT 10/20/12: For the moment, I removed links to DWD Shoes and cannot in good conscience recommend that anyone order from the site, at least during this move they're going through. I initially had a good experience, but it wasn't until I had to return a pair of boots for a size up that I started to run into a lot of trouble. A friend has also been having the same issue, but with a MUCH larger order, so please either order with caution (you've been warned!) or wait until this move is all sorted out. Thanks, and I'm so sorry if you ordered and are having trouble after I sent you here :c

Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" in Red Distressed Leather SOLD OUT (retailed at $159.95)

Vintage "Francheska" in Red PU available at Sheikh Shoes ($26.99)

I recently happened upon the motherload of Francheskas in basically all variations imaginable at DWD Shoes (link removed due to shady business practices!) while Googling cheap shoes. I may have cried a little bit. They've got hot pink and leopard spiked, which I had never seen, and they've got all the gorgeous shades of aqua and deep turquoise that sold out in my size a long time ago on other bargain sites. I wound up ordering the Black Leatherette Spikes, because they'll go with everything. Unfortunately, I ordered in my usual size and they ended up being too small! I had to send them back, so I keep praying that the 8.5s don't sell out before I get my refund! In summation, when ordering any variation of the Francheska (or almost any shoe from the brands "Vintage" and "I ♥ U"), I'd recommend that you order a half size up :D

These prices are already so insanely low compared to the usual $50+ I'm used to seeing for these boots, but you can take an additional 10% off at DWD Shoes with the code CSGIFT!

Check out my Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" post part one!

Happy shopping! And leave me an 8.5 in the red spiked ones, will ya?!

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