Friday, September 28, 2012

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 9-28-12

INCEPTION. New layout, finally <3

 This week I have just one link for you guys, please go take a look at my friend Abra's Facebook page. She was recently diagnosed with stage III brain cancer and needs a ton of help with her treatment costs, not to mention the airline lost her medication on her way back home from treatment in Texas this week (seriously, WHAT?!). You can find a link to the donation site there, and anything will help. This girl has been making me crack the eff up through the internets for about 12 years now (since the LIVEJOURNAL days! CENTURIES ago!) and deserves the means to fight this as hard as she possibly can <3 Thanks for taking a look, guys. It really means a lot :D

Love me some crazy socks :D
Terry and I had another much-needed Tony V's night
Got my Vintage "Goddess-02"s from AMI Clubwear! WOOOOO! So stoked on these!
Hope you guys have a great weekend! See you guys next week!

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