Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DWD Shoes/Discount Womens Dress Shoes Review/Warning

Finally filed a dispute with DWDShoes/Discount Womens Dress Shoes via Paypal because it's been over a month since they received my return package, according to USPS delivery confirmation. No replacement boots, no refund, no nothing. Guys, please don't shop this site. I've been had, a friend has been had, and I can't even imagine how many other people are dealing with this.

Here's my experience in full:

I ordered a pair of boots (the Black PU Francheska-07, referenced at the end of this post) on Sept 14th, which I received on Sept 20th. They were great, but they fit small, so I returned them (with my OWN money, they don't offer return shipping) to the address on the RMA slip included in the package on Sept 21st. They were marked as delivered in the tracking info on Sept 24th. I contacted DWD Shoes on the 26th to inquire about why I hadn't yet heard back, and was told that they had not yet received the package.

After a few more questions over the next week, it turned out that they were in the middle of a move (why didn't they mention that right away?) and that the package was being forwarded from their previous warehouse's address. Also, by this time, the boots I needed to exchange for were completely out of stock. I figured I'd wait a little longer to see if they would restock them. A few weeks later, it didn't seem like anything was being restocked, so I emailed them on Oct 19th, letting them know I would like to exchange for a different pair that they had in stock, the Brown Leopard Suede Francheska-07. Emailed again on Oct 25th to let them know I'd waited far too long and would like the exchange or a refund immediately.

As of November 4th, I still haven't received any correspondence from customer service themselves, even after filing a dispute with Paypal. I had to actually contact the social media manager via Facebook to actually move anything along! She said that she was going to put my exchange request through to the customer service supervisor, and that's all I know thus far. Going to escalate this to a claim if I don't see my package within the week. The Better Business Bureau is also going to hear from me.

I wanted to believe that this was all circumstantial because of their major move they're in the middle of, but after some quick research I came up with complaints dating as far back as 2011. Check it out:

Jan 12th, 2011:

Feb 24th, 2011:

Epinions reviews dating back to January 2011:

29 complaints filed with the BBB:

Not to mention they started citing hurricane Sandy as a possible reason why their email was bouncing, when it was happening weeks before that! Check it out:

After digging a little deeper, I found that they also run an ebay store under the name *v*boots2shoes*v*. Negative feedback? 72 in the last month. Just throwin' that out there.

I usually want to keep this a positive place where everybody on a budget like myself can find awesome shoes and boots, but after this gnarly experience, I just can't not do anything to warn you guys. Please stay away from this company, or, if you feel like you must, order with EXTREME caution!

I'll update this post as things develop.

UPDATE, NOV. 7TH: I finally received a phone call on Nov. 6th. I was told that my return package had likely been lost, but they were going to ship me a pair of replacement boots anyhow. I was emailed a tracking number shortly after, and the boots are scheduled to arrive tomorrow (Nov. 8th). I'm very pleased with this outcome, however, I'm still in total disbelief of just how long it took to resolve.

My final verdict is to shop with extreme caution, if you feel you must. Hopefully this is all just circumstantial, but I guess only time will tell.

If you're still positively ACHING for some Vintage Francheskas, but are wary of these guys, have no fear! You can pick them up at Zooshoo, Boutique To YouUrbanOG, AMI ClubwearShiekh Shoes, and Make Me Chic! I've got your backs <3

I also want to take the time to apologize if any of you ordered from these guys and had any issues after my recommendation. I am so, so sorry. I feel your pain, seriously. I especially feel the need to say this because I also referred a friend who had a much larger order (her father ordered a haul of boots for her birthday) and had an outcome similar to mine. A pair in her order somehow went out of stock, she was never notified, and ended up having to wait three weeks to get the remaining boots that were still in stock as well as the refund for the boots that were out of stock (harassing them via email the whole time and largely being ignored, mind you). So just be careful, guys.

UPDATE, NOV. 8TH: I received my boots today and all is well. I'll be dropping the Paypal dispute, but I'm still not going to recommend this site.


  1. This has happened to me also. What do I do? To report them?

  2. This has happened to me also. What do I do? To report them?

    1. File a report with the Better Business Bureau.

  3. this is the horrible website to shop. I recently shopped on this website and had a very bad experience. the customer service is HORRIBLE...!!!!

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  5. Hello,
    Thank you for the critiques and criticism. We appreciate these negatives that you have shown and will do our best to refine our small business's customer service quality.
    As you have shown the blaming of Hurricane Sandy was in error. Due on my part as the social media representative for DWDShoes I received several messages of support requests bouncing to that email and assumed that it was due to the storm; as Google had reported server outages.
    It was only after I conversed with the Customer Support Supervisor that I discovered that the problem persisted well before that and the cause was due to an, since resolved, issue with our site's host.
    We will continue to do our best to satisfy all our customer's needs.
    Please contact us if you and/or your readers have any further issues with an order.
    help(at) (M-F 10am-5pm PST)

    ~Shannon Smith, DWDShoes Social Media Representative

  6. you guys SUCK! you have a horrible customer service. you guys are CHEATERS!!! Is this how you do business by fooling around with your customers..!! You should CLOSE your online store!

    1. Hello vidisha,
      My apologies that you have such a negative view of our business. We do our best to not "fool around" with our customers, but to provide efficient service that aims to satisfy your issues. If you would please provide your Order# I can help resolve your grievances with our services. Thank you.

  7. Thx for the warning, Bre... I have 2000 friends who should know about this.

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  9. I ordered from these guys a couple years ago and they screwed up my order. Offered me a discount code, didn't say it had to be used in a certain amount of time. Then when i placed my order the other day, their employee assured me they would honor it, told me to just place my order and they would credit the correct amount back to my card. Then once I submitted the order and gave them my card number, they charged me the whole amount and denied the credit they promised and shipped it out. like 15 emails arguing with these guys. They lost a customer over 20 bucks. Didn't care about the money, but on the principle alone I'll never shop there again, and I had to file a bbb complaint about them charging me more then they said they were going to. The owner then tried to tell me if I was so unhappy I should just send them the order back. I waited a week and needed the shoes for an event I was going to, don;'t have time to shop for more, and he still has my money. And expects me to pay to ship them back to them. Worst customer service I've ever seen. And total scheme to get your money. I don't recommend ordering from them unless you want to get ripped off. I keep seeing multiple sites where people are telling horror stories about them, and then they comment and always blame random employees for their mistakes! This one blames their social media person, another site blames their warehouse personnel’s inattentiveness.... what kind of shitty company makes excuses like that?

    1. Hello Amanda,
      I'm sorry that you were displeased with the service, however the owner didn't contact you regarding this, but it was our Customer Service Manager. In regards to the discount code even if it existed it has been over a year since that order's date. According to BBB the case was closed in our favor. I have extended my offer to aid you in verification of a previous employee that may have promised you an honored discount code, but to no avail.

      I can only assure you that I am sorry that you are still despondent over this matter and we will take this event as a learning experience to further improve the quality and transparency of our services.

    2. Furthermore: On this site I, Shannon, was not blaming the social media person. I was taking responsibility for a communications snafu between me and our customer service team. We are not just a couple people; no matter how much you wish to believe so. Responsibility and blame are placed where they are deserved. Be it on me, on a worker with less than perfect accuracy, or an employee offering unauthorized promises. Despite our extension of multiple olive branches you have been unwilling to accept any.

      My offer still stands that if you can provide proof of the initial conversation over this disputed code that I am willing to reach out to the employee of our previous team in an attempt to verify your story. Until then we will have to agree to disagree. Have a good day.

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