Thursday, June 7, 2012

Knockoff Ninja #5 - Jeffrey Campbell "Lita"

If you're anything like me, you've been lusting after Jeffrey Campbell's Lita in a seemingly endless assortment of colors and patterns, but have never been able to pull the trigger on buying any because of the cost. Well, I've found some very comparable knockoffs for you at a more reasonable price! Let's take a look at our elusive mistress, the Lita:

Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" in black calf leather available at Envi Shoes ($158.95), Urban Outfitters ($159.00), Revolve Clothing ($159.00), Solestruck ($159.95), Nordstrom ($159.95), Jildor Shoes ($160.00), Tilted Sole ($160.00), Karmaloop ($160.00), Nasty Gal ($162.00), and Singer22 ($169.95)

And here are a couple knockoffs to get us started:

Shoe Republic LA "Step" in black available at Shiekh Shoes ($28.99), AMI Clubwear ($29.99). Also available in orange, green, and blue.

These are the ones I bought, and man, was I impressed! The shape is one of the best out of all the Lita-inspired boots. The only other differences are the covered "wood" heel and the speed lace hooks at the top, which make them a lot easier to get on and off! I was terrified that the weight was going to be off and that they weren't going to be very well balanaced or comfortable because of how low the price was (I wanted to say "cheap", but that really wouldn't be fair to these!). I was totally blown away by how wrong I was! They're very comfortable for such a high heel and very easy to walk in. The only thing is that the sizes run large, so you need to be sure to order a half size smaller! Luckily, I ran across this bit of info at LuLu*s when I was researching! Thanks, guys!

Promise "Magi" in black available at Ebay ($34.39), Shiekh Shoes ($42.97). Also available in grey, yellow, and tan. I recently bought a pair in the green in a super limited restock at UrbanOG, and it's the same deal as the "Step" boots- order a half size down! I see no difference in these boots from the "Step" overall, the heel is just covered in a different vinyl! :D

There are, of course, always different variations of both of these styles popping up on Make Me Chic, UrbanOG, and LuLu*s. Some current honorable mentions:

Shoe Republic LA "Gardena" in black houndstooth available at AMI Clubwear ($32.99). Also available in brown houndstooth.

Shoe Republic LA "Visalia" in black glitter floral available at Heels ($54.99).

Another worth nothing is the "Meoww", exclusive to Make Me Chic, available in a slew of colors here for $19.50 each (that green!).

Hope this helps you guys out! There are a ton of faux Litas out there, but I think these are the best representation out there for less than a third of the price!

Check out my Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" post part two!

Happy shoe shopping!

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