Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shoes-day Tuesday #34 - Heelless on a Budget

1. Vintage "Goddess-01" in Black Suede $56.00
2. Privileged "Gilmore" in Fuchsia Suede $79.99
3. Dollhouse "Explicit" in Yellow Suede $39.20
4. Privileged "Serra" in Neon Yellow $88.00
5. Dollhouse "Confession" wedge in Blue Leopard $31.40
6. Vintage "Goddess-02" in Black Leatherette $35.99

I've got #6 in black coming to me this week from AMI Clubwear, and I'm WAY too stoked about it. Over the last few months, a metric crapton of heelless maryjanes similar to Jeffrey Campbell's "Night Walk" have been paraded in front of me, but I've been holding out for one that is nearly identical in silhouette, has a completely covered platform in a leatherette, and I'm pretty sure I found it in this shoe! I almost ended up getting #3 in black, but I'm soooo glad I waited until #6 came around! Will definitely report back on how it works out!

PSST! Code LOVE30 gets you 30% off at AMI Clubwear!

Which one is your favorite?


  1. I love all of these! I have a serious addiction to AMI. SO MANY SHOES!!!!

    1. Seriously! Their prices make me super happy :D



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