Friday, November 9, 2012

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 11-9-12

This week; meh. Not much going on, compared to the excitement of last week *eyeroll*

Started looking for work on Friday, had an interview on Saturday. Hoping this one pans out, I'd be working with some excellent shoes!

Did some grocery shopping, ran some errands. Watched the Election coverage all night on Tuesday in a state of pure anxiety, just to be relieved very quickly after the west coast polls closed. Ya know. Nothing going on. So, let's look at some links and hope next week is more exciting!

 These boots are FABULOUS. That corset detailing up the sole is killing me!

 This eyebrow technique is so simple, I'm pissed that I never thought of it myself! Archy eyebrows = <3

 Notable Spring 2013 shoes. Ohhhhh, Mr. McQueen! Also, Bottega Veneta. HOLY GOD.

 Gala's personal account of Hurricane Sandy.


 I recently happened upon this designer's blog by way of Courtney Love's Pinterest. I am HOOKED and everything about this post makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

 A cocktail made with beer? Actually sounds delicious.

 Gorgeous shot of a church tower in a flooded Italian town via Amanda Palmer.

Dat boy <3 He's started really favoring his left hand. So stoked that he picked that up from his dad!
FINALLY got my replacement Francheskas on Thursday. They are so uncomfortable :c BUT I'm relieved that this whole debacle is over. Going to break these in and make them wearable if it's the LAST THING I DOOOOO!
Aaaaaand that's it! Stick around for more excitement next week!

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