Friday, November 2, 2012

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 11-2-12

Adventure Time tattoo flash AHHHHHH (source!)
I decided I need to start doing a mini-recap of the past week in these posts, since I almost NEVER talk about myself on here. Hello, my name is Bre, I'm a shoe and caffeine addict, and I've been running this blog for the past year and four months. Haha! Seriously, though. There's quite a bit more to me than that, and none of it is perfect, by any means. I think I'm done trying to fit in this cookie-cutter mold of what I feel like a blogger should be. Whatever that is. I'm pretty opinionated, and I cuss a lot (except in front of my son, of course!). So, good or bad, you're gonna have to deal with it! You're welcome! :D

To say that this week was uneventful would be a complete lie. Saturday night involved me having a little too much fun with far too many PBRs on an empty stomach at some friends' party in Stanwood and I wound up in the ER at Cascade Valley. In my Hipster Ariel getup. Yep, because I am that awesome *eyeroll* 28 years old, you'd think I'd know my limit, right? Working on that. The next few days were spent writhing in agony, puking and sleeping, all the while finally catching a bug that my Grampa had been dealing with for a few days. Barely mustered the strength to dress Jade in a quick cowboy costume for a brief trick-or-treating adventure at the Everett Mall on Halloween. That was pretty short-lived because he was seriously unamused by the whole experience. It felt the way I'd imagine being trapped among a herd of costumed cattle would feel. Hopefully next year he's more into it and we can find somewhere more fun to go.

This week I also finally got a hold of DWD Shoes about my month-late exchange through Facebook, of all places. I'm drafting up a post on this whole debacle as we speak as a warning to everybody, anyhow. Expect to see that sometime next week, and in the meantime stay away from that site! The prices and inventory are right, TRUST ME, I know! But it's not worth it to have to wait more than a month to see any end result.

Thursday was my brother's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DOOM!!!), and involved a great deal of lazing about in a t-shirt. Today looks like I'll be off to see my counselor to defrag the ol' brain and sort out this last weekend, haha! As for this weekend, who knows? Most likely a few errands, and I'll probably look around for temporary employment over the holidays. Gotta do something with my time before I go totally insane, not to mention start thinking about paying off that ambulance and hospital bill. Holy eff.


 How about that Hurricane Sandy business? Pretty scary. I realized this week that I follow WAY more NYC people than I thought, and was super scared for a ton of them. Glad everyone was safe. Here are some notable posts on the subject from Gala Darling and Driven By Boredom (HOW CRAZY IS IGOR?).

 This piece at Aurora Lady on Courtney Love is AMAZING. I, too, looked up to Courtney immensely as a teenager and Pretty on the Inside was my personal high school soundtrack, but next to no one got it. AURORA DOES <3 That part about wanting to like Nirvana but never being hit in the gut by them felt like it was written for me. Are we the same person...?

 Stella Rose, I am in love with you.

 The top 10 scariest shoe posts of 2012. This is pretty hilarious. I've already shared a few of these links individually over the last year, but they really don't get old.


 Style boards inspired by The Shining <3

 Loving shoes with subtle zipper detailing right now!

 Best. Costume. EVER! This takes a close second, that makeup is goddamn FLAWLESS.

Hipster Jade is hipster as eff.
Michael Myers watched me pee D: A little bit unnerving...
Me: "I wanna be where the PBR." PBR: "I wanna put you in the hospital! LOLZ"
Bleh. Worst hangover ever, two days later. But my hair is fabulous!
Quickie costume. I could not for the life of me get my phone to take a decent picture :/
Feeding dad enchiladas was way more fun than herding cattle for candy :3
tl;dr. Not really. But seriously. Probably :P



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