Thursday, September 6, 2012

Knockoff Ninja #15 - Jeffrey Campbell "Lita Spike"

Jeffrey Campbell "Lita Spike" in White available at Solestruck ($135.96), Urban Outfitters ($195.00)

Vintage "Francheska-03s" and "Francheska-07" in White available at UrbanOG ($30.20), Make Me Chic ($40.00), AMI Clubwear ($44.99), Zoo Shoo ($50.00)

Note: "03s" spikes and studs are more sparse, whereas the "07" are placed closer together like the original Lita Spike.

No white shoes after Labor Day? Pffftt. These are pretty decent! The only thing that has ever deterred me from the Francheskas has been the lack of curve where the arch meets the platform and the severe downward angle of the boot opening. I'm not sure I'm so picky anymore, seeing as how I've been actively seeking a pair in my size in the plain black (not the snakeskin) for what seems like weeks. Once I uncover those babies, let me tell you, they are MINE! (EDIT: Found 'em at ZooShoo ($52.00) and Boutique To You ($21.99), if you wanna snatch 'em up, too! <3)

What say you?

UPDATE 9/20: I finally got my filthy hands on a pair of the 07s in black leatherette and I can't say enough good things about the quality! However, they run small, so I definitely recommend ordering a half size up ;)

UPDATE 10/20/12: For the moment, I removed the links to DWD Shoes and cannot in good conscience recommend that anyone order from the site, at least during this move they're going through. I initially had a good experience, but it wasn't until I had to return a pair of boots for a size up that I started to run into a lot of trouble. A friend has also been having the same issue, but with a MUCH larger order, so please either order with caution (you've been warned!) or wait until this move is all sorted out. Thanks, and I'm so sorry if you ordered and are having trouble after I sent you here :c

UPDATE 10/25/12: I am no longer receiving responses when I inquire about my exchange. Please do not order from DWD Shoes/Discount Womens Dress Shoes!

UPDATE 11/8/12:
I just got my replacement boots today, after almost two months of waiting (read about that experience in full here). I requested a half size up since the original pair seemed to run small. Here's what I can say about the fit; not so good if you have wider feet. Mine are slightly wide, but the toe box is tiny and squeezes the bejesus out of my toes, and turns into the vamp at an awful angle. Also, the overall angle is bad. Have you ever put on a pair of heels and felt like you couldn't help but tilt forward? That's what these do, not to mention my ankles pop horribly when I walk in them. These boots are SO GORGEOUS, but I'm telling you, they may end up on my shelf as nothing more than eye candy, which breaks my heart (especially considering how long I've waited for them!). Hopefully they'll become more comfy once I break them in a bit, but it seems to be more of a structural issue than anything, so I'm not 100% on that. If you have narrow feet, you may have a different experience. Please don't let this deter you from buying other shoes from the brand "Vintage" or "I <3 U"! This isn't a normal case!


  1. Sooooo happy I found your site!!! Let me just say, I've been looking for boots like these for WEEKS, and can't afford the real deal. These are awesome! Unfortunately for me, I'm desperately seeking black boots with gold spikes, and everything I'm seeing is only silver =[ Thanks so much for showing me all these online retailers that I would have never found without you! Keep it up!

    1. Your comment just made my whole day <3 I'll be sure to keep a look out for you!



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