Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Crochet favorites!

I just wanted to share with you guys a few of my favorite crochet patterns so far! Apologies for the crappy paparazzi shots, I'm not quite feeling like putting on a face today! Haha!

Floral cloche
I'm not sure why this site's pictures are all down :c But this is my go-to cloche hat. I've made three of these things so far, I'm pretty sure I could do them from memory by now! I've made one cream colored flower, but it's not pictured here. You can actually see my cream version with the flower in this post (and hey! At the top of my layout, too!)

Urban Revival slouchy hat
This one took me a while, something was off. I ended up having to do 24 shells instead of the 29 the pattern calls for. My tension was kinda all over the place, too :c It ended up really stiff, but I can tell this hat is really pretty once you get the hang of it. Gonna make a few more with some nicer/softer yarn.

Softee Chunky neckwarmer
This was loads of fun. I actually finished it in a few hours one night. Super pretty and warm, and it's asymmetrical, which is my favorite! I got the buttons from my Gramma's vintage stash!

I've finished a few other other projects, but they're xmas gifts, so I can't post them yet! Soon, though! I'll make sure and take photos before I give them away! There will be a buttload more projects coming, though, because my Gramma uncovered this HUGE yarn stash while overhauling one of her craft rooms and gave pretty much all of it to me! FOUR GARBAGE BAGS! Thanks, Gramma! <3

Any crochet fanatics have any super-awesome go-to patterns? PLEASE share! I'd love to add some new skills to my repertoire :D


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