Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloweeeeeen!

Ours was pretty good, not too eventful, just got dressed up and headed to the mall for a minute, then left when we started to feel awkward soliciting for candy for a kid who isn't even a year old. Ha! It was fun though! Jade's first Halloween! YAAAAYYY!!!

I was SO surprised Jade tolerated this costume! I thought he was gonna put up a serious fight!

More Sugarpill :P

Finally finished my dress Saturday night, but ran out of fringe! Oh well, it still looks pretty awesome :D
How was your Halloween?


  1. You and the baby look so cute, Bre.... I'm also in the beginning stages of a blog on Blogspot, so once I have everything done I'll put your badge on that as well. If you don't mind? Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thank you! Of course I don't mind! Lemme know when it goes up!



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