Friday, December 9, 2011

Bre's Week In Links 12-9-11

Just a short one this week, I was too busy whipping up more jewelry for Mourning Market (SUNDAY!!!) and hats for xmas gifts that I didn't do too much perusing of the internetz. Oh well! Onward!

HAHAHA!!! 15 Things White Girls Love To Do On FB

Oh eff, HILARIOUS. Comic Sans Project!

Prince is coming to the Tacoma Dome in just over a week and somehow I had no idea until about an hour ago :c

I love me some DIY, and we all know I love me some shoes, soooo: 10 Shoe DIYs!

Solestruck released a crapload more Night Walks this past week. This is torture!

I really, really do. (source)

Speaking of the '90s... I was mourning the music again the other night, ha!

Until next week!


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