Friday, July 29, 2011


I think this one's gonna be an occasional feature that I do whenever I feel I've built up enough snapshots. Here's my week in photos!

Jade was after my foot. This is an hourly occurrence. He's pretty strange.

Sunday's dinner: tofu stirfry. If you know me personally, you know that me cooking anything is a HUGE deal. Trying to hone my skillz before Jade gets old enough to eat real food. And I'm documenting it because I know no one will believe me :P

Jade being adorable.

Tuesday's dinner: some kinda tex-mex cheesy tofu & rice conglomeration. It was DELICIOUS.

Jade beating up on dad.

It's okay, they made up <3

Lunch in the Boeing parking lot during Terry's interview Wednesday

PleasepleasePLEASE let this work out! *fingers crossed*

Obligatory no-makeup-and-idgaf picture :D

Not a very exciting week, but I figured it was time to share something!

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